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It's Not How We Faced Our Ups And Downs, Our Love Was Made Of Something More

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I met a girl when I was in class 12th. When I first saw her, I hardly paid any attention to her nor did she.  But after a few days, I started liking her and fell in love with her eyes. Anyone would fall in love with her.

And to be frank enough, our love story is really a filmy one.

I remember the day when I was with my best friend and his girlfriend. She said that there was going to be good news very soon and I was just clueless about what she was saying. And the very same day, I got a call from the girl I had fallen for. We might have just talked for just a few minutes when I couldn't resist further and proposed her. And our sweet, happy relationship began.

We faced our ups and downs like in every single relationship but we stuck with each other.

And for last two years, we had been maintaining a long-distance relationship. It was difficult for us to keep ourselves away from each other. Due to my family problems, I could not go and meet her. And suddenly, she said one day that she had a crush on a senior. That bothered me and so I asked her once about it and she didn't say anything. She never mentioned him after that but in the last six months, things started to get complicated. And last month, my greatest fear became my new reality.

Her crush Mr. Senior came to meet her as he was pursuing higher studies in another place.

The same day, she called me and said sorry and asked not to get angry. She said that she would call me once she was back at the hostel but she didn't.  After two days, she called me and I never expected from her to say the words she had told me then. But I kept my cool; I thought she was angry with me. I went to the railway station to receive her. Her elder sister and parents were also there and since they knew about us, it did not create any problem and she went back to her home.

After a few days, she called me and said, “I don't feel comfortable with you and I don't know why I was with you. While I was with *******, he made me understand what real love and caring are. And you never cared about me.” Still, I did not say anything. The next day, she asked me to come and drop her at her examination centre. I did but she didn’t even say a word to me.  After her exam got finished, I took her for lunch and she said all the negative things she could think of.  My guilt and fear started to increase more and so the next day, I went to see her again. This time she was smiling because she was happy because she was going back home tomorrow. But I wasn't willing to let her go.

I told her the same even though I knew it wasn't going to change anything. So I dropped her and went back to work. I don't know what changed her mind. After some time, she gave me a call and said that she was extending her stay for a day. I was happy.

I had planned to confide in her about all my fears and guilt about her and the senior.

I did and it turned out to be a success. She started calling me several times a day and it felt everything was back to normal. She came back to my hometown and we would follow the same routine. We would meet for the lunch and spend quality time together. She went back with a big smile on her face. But like every happiness is short-lived, this was too. 

After a few days, when she had told her senior all about me, he stopped talking to her. This upset her.

He didn't call her for a couple of days but then, they sorted it out and started talking again. And the number of calls to me was reduced. She would call me just once in a day and talk for 2-3 mins. Then one day, she said, “I know how much I hurt you. That's why I will stop calling you and will also block you from my social media.”

I told her that it was okay if all of it made her happy. I didn't have a problem then. I just wanted to see her happy and smiling always. Her family didn't know about our break up yet.  And nor did she told about Mr. Senior to her family because she is still confused between me and him.

But I really love her and that’s why I will keep my silence.

I have enough memories with her that give me support and smile on my face and I cannot love nor have a life with anyone else. I will wait for her always. It was a tough decision to make but I have decided to live with our memories. I know it may sound unrealistic but nothing is impossible.

I just want to say if you ever see this please forgive me for all of my mistakes that I have committed and always keep your beautiful smile on your face.

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