It Wasn't All Her Fault But In The End, He Turned Into An Alcoholic

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 14 March, 2018


Love is blind. That’s what we have heard all these years. There are many who believe in practical love and few go after physical beauty. And then, you would find emotional fools in love. Amongst all, there are some who have partners but never found their true lovers.

I remember a cute and pure love story of a Kashmiri boy, who was equally good-looking and a humble and shy person. He was tall and slim with a fair skin. He was working as a Sales Executive in an IT company. Every day, he used to take a DTC bus for work and in 90’s mostly people travelled in public transport.

Usually, people lose their purse or belongings but he lost his heart while travelling on the DTC bus.

She was a Keralite with slim body and dark skin. To describe her nature, she was a bubbly, bold, naughty, average looking, smart and a full of energy person. She stayed happy all the time. Her travelling was accompanied by 2-3 of her friends and they all were students of YMCA.

They talked and giggled so much together that everyone on the bus knew them including the bus driver and the conductor. The bus would even wait for them if they got late someday. The daily passenger knew the girl gang very nicely and all girls were charming in their own way. They had beautiful smiles and friendly attitude which was noticeable to all the passengers.

One day, one of her friends told her that somebody on the bus liked her and they kept the name and identity of him as a mystery. She became curious to know and thus, began her hunt from the next day itself. She looked at all the boys desperately for the next few days and she finally read one of the eyes.


His eyes were full of love, desire, and affection. Their love story started even before they started talking and they exchanged glances every day which continued for the next few days. Few months passed by but he never had the guts to talk or propose to her. Chandini was in every young people’s heart and mind. Boys wanted to love like Rishi Kapoor and girls wanted to look like Sridevi.

The bus stopped, she was wearing a white suit and a multicolor dupatta which was complementing her dark skin. Her waist-length thick curly hair was open and she could sense all eyes on her.

She could hear his heartbeat; he couldn’t remove his eyes, not for a minute from her. That day he missed his own bus stop and got down at hers. He spoke to her very courageously and asked her if she would like to be friends with him. Those days were different. There were no cell phones, Facebook, or Instagram. It was hard to stay in contact with anyone.

He wanted to date her but he was nothing more than an admirer to her.

She liked him but she was also clear about the fact that she had no love for him. Her course was ending and he passed his office number to her through one of her friends. But she never cared to call him.


She started her job and moved on. One day, she met her old friends and they told her how the guy was still waiting for her to call and that he loved her. This time she gave him a call out of sympathy. The receptionist picked up the call. Surprisingly, the receptionist was well-versed about Chandini. He always talked about her in the office. They talked over phone few times but she never felt anything for him.

He never confessed his love to her, maybe because he knew she didn’t love him.

But one day, the receptionist took a plunge for him and told her how much he loved her. But Chandini clearly told the receptionist that she only liked him as a friend and there was nothing in common between them.

One was from Kashmir, extreme North and another one from Kerala, extreme South. One was fair and another one was dark. She was ambitious and he was a simple guy. There were differences in their status and lifestyles as well.

They never called again or met after that. Many years later, Chandini bumped into her old bus friend in the market and she informed her about his depression. She even added how he started drinking a lot and to escape her, he even shifted back to Kashmir.

 It was truly a sad love story which never blossomed. Love is a feeling; it can’t be forced on anybody.
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