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It Took Me 3 Years To Propose To Her But Then Her Ex-Boyfriend Returned

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I am an average student from Jharkhand. I was an introvert when all this began. I wanted to do my bachelor’s degree and was happy when I got admission in a college. On the very first day, I saw a girl introduce herself to the class. I still remember that she had worn an orange top and blue jeans. I had never experienced a feeling like that till that day.

I knew I had fallen for her but she came from a town and I was from a small place. This stopped me from sharing my feelings with her though it was very difficult to suppress such feelings. We both were pursuing the same course so I always tried to sit in a place from where I could see her during the classes.

My classmates started doubting me and wondered if something was going on. Many of them often asked me about it but I managed to change the topic.

I first shared this love story of mine with two of my bench mates. This is something I will regret forever.

After sometime, I got to know that she had started a relationship with a guy from the same class. I was heartbroken but focussed on my studies and moved on with my life.  Even after knowing all this, my feelings for her never changed. Towards the end of the second year, I came to know that there were complications in her current relationship. Until then, I was completely unaware about what was happening in their lives.

One day, she met me outside the library and asked me if I ever had any feelings for her. I still felt the same way for her so answering this question of hers was really challenging.

I knew that if I told her the truth, her life would become like a living hell. Hence I lied about my feelings and hoped things would get back to normal.

But this was just an indicator of the storm that I was about to experience. In the third year, she approached me and two of my other friends as she wanted to join our group for a project.

Her issues with her boyfriend increased every day and by the end of the final year, when he went to Noida, she thought of breaking up with him. During this phase, my friends had a fair idea about how I felt for her and convinced me to propose to her. Meanwhile, she had broken up with her boy friend.

I could not hide my feelings from her any longer and I started talking with her. Everybody started pushing me and asked me to propose to her.

It was while talking to her that I got to know that the fights that she had with her boyfriend were because of me. Her ex-boyfriend thought that I had feelings for her.

Unfortunately, my bench mates had planted this in his mind because I had spoken to them about it earlier. She always used to defend me because she knew the kind of person I was.

After a few days, I proposed to her and she accepted my proposal after discussing things with me. One day, her ex-boyfriend returned and started torturing her mentally and emotionally. He created scenes whenever and wherever he could.

He then came unannounced to my birthday party and spoiled everything. I was very furious to hear him say that she was not the kind of girl anyone would want to live with and stuff like that.

I was also very confused because I was not able to focus on my studies due to this mess. It also created fights between my friends and their girlfriends.

I could not change something that was wrong between her and her ex-boyfriend. But I had to correct the wrong that had happened to me and my friends due to this bloody feeling of mine. So, I clearly and very politely asked her to step back and she did so. We stopped talking and I did my best to avoid complicating things further. I don’t know about her.

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