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It Took 14 Long Years But I'm Finally Together With My First Love

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Life has always thrown many challenges at me. I was an ambivert with a lot of teenage issues. Luckily, I was blessed with super cool parents. I was complicated and couldn’t tolerate any negativity in my life.

The smallest of things would hurt me.

I was 14 when I first met him, the guy with the curly hair. It was love at first sight! We were in the same group. He was quite opposite to me in nature. He was a reserved boy and was always positive about things. We connected pretty well as friends.

I always wanted to tell him that I loved him a lot. But he was attracted to another girl and our friends would tease him about it.

It was so difficult for me to be normal in front of everyone. And the fact that she was prettier than me hurt me a lot.

After my tenth grade, my dad got transferred to another city. That was the most heartbreaking news of my life.

Even though he wasn’t with me as a boyfriend, seeing him made me happy.

I was shattered to leave him. It was our annual day when all of us got together for the last time. He was by my side throughout the day and I wanted to tell him everything that I’d kept in my heart for so long, but I couldn’t.

I left without saying anything, as I was unable to control my tears.

I was leaving my school, my best friends, and my love. As I was leaving the city, our car got stuck in a traffic jam because of a procession. I was gazing through the crowd and the first face that I saw was his!

I couldn’t help but yell his name. My parents were shocked and the entire crowd was looking at me. I waved at him as my car slowly moved ahead.

Years passed by, in fact, 14 years.

I had several relationships but none of them worked out. I couldn’t love anyone like I loved him.

I kept in touch with him on Orkut and later on Facebook, just casual chats. Finally, I got engaged to the man that I’d been dating for three years. It wasn’t love, but a compromise to escape my family’s frequent taunts to get married. It turned out to be the biggest mistake of my life!

I accepted him in my life even though my intuition said that he was not the one for me.

Then one day, a message popped up in my inbox. I was shocked to see that it was my first love. We started chatting and probably because of the frustration of my situation, I couldn’t control my feelings this time.

I confessed how much I loved him, how I still thought about him and how I should have expressed my feelings long back! I also told him that I was engaged to someone else.

After a pause, he said, “I loved you too. But I couldn’t tell you because I thought I would lose you.”

I didn’t know whether to be happy or sad, to cry or laugh? The reality was that I was engaged.

I told myself, “You need to forget him as a crush you had in school because you don’t belong to him.”

Things had moved way too far in my wedding preparations and it was too late to tell my parents to call it off. It would’ve been unfair to cheat the man that I’d known for so long.

I was devastated. I was crying until the day of my marriage. I looked sick in my wedding photos.

I tried my best to move on from the thoughts of my first love but my married life didn’t help me.

My husband was abusive and bossy. I cried every day and cursed my fate. We got separated in just 5 months.

Now I have my first love in my life as a guide, a best friend, and true love. We finally met after all these years. I don’t know where destiny plans to take us.

But I do know that the law of attraction works!

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