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I'm Sure My Mother-In-Law Ruined My Life But This Is Why It All Became My Fault

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I married the love of my life. Life was good with my husband and in-laws. My husband had a business, in which I became a partner, and we both used to go to the office together and return back home by 5 or 6 p.m.

Whenever my sisters-in-law visited us, I used to stay back at home to take care of their needs.

My husband was the only son and he had two sisters.  After 5 months of our marriage, my mother-in-law gave me all the responsibilities of the house. I never thought handling responsibilities would take a toll on me and will slowly kill me from inside.

My mother-in-law used to make me work 24 hours a day and not even for once, I dared to answer her back out of respect. Perhaps, that was the mistake I made.

Even when my sisters-in-law stayed for few days with us, they just treated me as their maid and I used to work from morning till night. No one would come to help me, even for the slightest of thing. It was all tiring for me to juggle between office and household work but I still didn’t complain.

My mother-in-law was the sweetest poison I have ever seen in my life. She always had another work ready for me even when I was already doing something. My inner self would cry for help and scream that I was tired and can’t handle more work, but I only used to smile at her and would do everything she told me to, like a good daughter-in-law.

She made a point to taunt me every day and always found a reason to blame me for this or that. But I chose to ignore.

But gradually, I reached my saturation point and I couldn’t take it anymore. So I went to my husband for help and I thought he would understand it. To my horror, he simply asked me to ignore. How could I ignore something that was actually killing me inside?

If I cooked late someday, she would complain about the timing. If I was sick, she had a problem with me taking rest. I used to meet my friends only twice a year and even then, she would call again and again to ask me to return home early.

How would anyone feel if they returned home from work and found nothing to eat? Before going to the office, I had to prepare our lunch, and whenever I got sick, I had to order food from outside because my in-laws didn’t care enough to cook for me.

I don't know how anyone could be so cruel. If I was late in the morning, she would cook for herself and her husband, but never for me and her son. Even when we got late from the office, it was the same. There were times when I had to cook at midnight for me and my husband after work because our mother didn’t make anything for us. Can you imagine how tiring and frustrating it was for me?

And when I complained to her about it, she would instead shout at me and asked me to cook myself. I always wondered why my husband was being oblivious to things happening in the house. He loved his parents so much that he just ignored.

It’s right to love your parents but not to the extent where you become blind to other’s pain and don’t care about it.

In between all this, we suffered a huge loss in our business due to one of our partners. To recover the loss, my husband borrowed some money from his parents and that turned out to be another mistake for us. From the time we took their money, they would constantly nag us to return their money back. They made our life hell.

Why did they lend money if they were so eager to get it back? And they gave it to none other than their own son. Why were they so restless?

As a couple, we used to fight sometimes and that’s a normal thing to do. Whenever we did, my mother-in-law used to stand outside the door to listen to our conversation and made things awkward for me.

I got sick one day and wasn’t doing any work, my mother-in-law decided to take the advantage of the situation and started brainwashing my husband’s mind. She would provoke him by saying that his wife does nothing all day except for lying on the bed and also not helping him with the business work. She would emotionally blackmail him by saying that even at this age she had to manage all the household work because of me.

I was in my room and could hear every single word she was saying to him. He didn’t utter any word in my defense and just stood there listening to her. I was so disappointed and angry that I started crying.

I decided not to do anything for them anymore. I only cooked for my husband and me, and apart from that, I did nothing. And after a week, when my in-laws complained, this time my husband took a stand for me and asked them to do their work by themselves.

One day, his father shouted at us to leave the home because we did not return his money. My husband was so dumbstruck that he couldn’t believe what he just heard and it was getting hard for him to understand what was going on. I was fed up with all the dramas and so asked him to live separately to gather some peaceful time. And that my mother-in-law heard it.

We started living separately and were being happy. My in-laws still used to call to ask us to return their money and my husband always replied the same that he would return it soon.

He was sad one day, so he called his mother up to ask her why she let him go. To which she coldly replied that I wasn’t interested in living with them. Again, it was me who she was trying to blame. She was telling the same reason to everyone who asked her. It was shocking to me, because from the time we got married she was the one who was asking us to leave. My father-in-law asked us to leave and my husband agreed. And when I agreed to it too, my mother-in-law heard it and so now, she gets to blame me.

Why is it that a daughter-in-law always has to take the blame even when she hasn’t done anything wrong? I blame me for not standing up against all the evil plans of my in-laws.

I blame myself for not answering them back. I tried but I always held myself back because I was trying to avoid fights at home. I wanted peace and only peace.

Now, I am paying price for all of it by taking the blame for separating a son from his parents.



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