What It's Like To Be In Love With An Emotionally Unavailable Man

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 30 August, 2017

I left my boyfriend. This was the same guy for whom I had gone against my family and friends. And with time I realized that I was doing this just to be with this guy who made me feel like the loneliest person.

I had a very beautiful relationship with my boyfriend but someone has said it rightly, that we don't understand the value of something until it is gone.

The same thing happened with me. I left my boyfriend for this guy whom I thought loved me. I started to fall for him and he was great with me in the beginning. He gave me time. He wanted me to be happy. He loved to be with me and I could see the love in his eyes.

I lost my virginity to him. But with time, reality came to tear me down.

Within a few months, he started to change. His love seemed to have just vanished somewhere. I would fight with him for his changed behavior but he would always end up blaming me. Eventually, he started abusing me emotionally. I lost all my friends because he never liked them, so I had stopped talking to them. He is now busy with his friends, partying and drinking with them. Whenever he talks to me, he is either sleepy or tired.

I cried. I cried a lot. I have spent many nights just waiting for him and crying.

He also had trust issues. It's difficult for him to trust me, that's why neither am I cheating on him nor will I do so. Now with time, I have realized that relationships are bound to end up like this. We humans have a big problem - at first, we want something badly and once we have it, its importance is lost.

I still love him but I have accepted the reality that I was just a thing for him that he'd wanted and was attracted towards. Now that he has me, I am not important to him anymore. I feel lonely even though I am in a relationship with someone I love.
Author's Note:

I want to make one request to everyone who is reading my story: guys if you're no more in love with your partner or you are now interested in someone else, just confess this straight away to your partner. Because your partner will get to know if you still love them or not, for once, otherwise they'll just keep going around in circles, trying to rekindle that love in you and the process will silently kill them. It is terrible and painful. It is even more painful when you know your partner is no more interested in you and he's not even accepting it.