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I'm Proud of My Scars And It's High Time You Should Know About This Disease

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Being an acute Psoriasis patient, I believe that it is important to spread awareness about it. In the USA there are TV commercials coming up for the psoriasis cure, but in India, even when I go to buy clothes and shoes, I face questions like, “Madam, you will buy this product, right?”

I have Psoriasis since I was 21 years old, now I am 30. Wiser and accepting. Psoriasis is an auto-immunity disorder and doctors often treat it with immuno-suppressants that can lead to an abnormal and deformed childbirth in the patient’s life.

The saddest part is even the relatives don’t stand next to the patients. I endure extreme pain because of psoriasis and frankly speaking, both physical and mental. At times, it becomes hard to judge which one is more. I am highly grateful to my sister-in-law, who, coming from a different family never gave me a frosty-nose look towards this disease. My parents are extremely supportive and so is my brother.

But today, I write for all the Psoriasis patients out there who have been suffering in silence. The medicines we take are extremely painful. Imagine medicines taking down your immunity system for the day. This leads to the harmful growth of fungal infections. In fact, we even vomit. The worst part about psoriasis is that it is incurable and the best part is that it is not contagious. So the disease is meant to be suffered alone.

Every Psoriasis patients have a different pattern, some have Psoriasis (20% of the body skin is covered), some have Psoriasis Vulgaris (more than 80% is covered), and some others have Psoriasis arthritis (that literally bends the joints).


Doctors are doing there best to find a proper solution for the same issue, whereas you as a friend, spouse, family, relative, partner, parents can take up your responsibility and tell your fellow Psoriasis sufferer that it is okay to have those scars on your body and not to worry about it. Because many may not know that psoriasis can spread in one’s body when they are in stress. So, if you cannot lessen our, take up the initiative to increase our level of confidence.

Psoriasis patients are very scared of physical relationships with their partners, so be a partner your psoriasis partner will be proud of. I got my partner, it’s not that tough and he never hesitates to apply medicine on my psoriasis when I have a bad flare. He bares with my mood swings. I am lucky and so can all psoriasis patients be.


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