I'm Married And He's Younger Than Me But We're In Love

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 26 August, 2017

He was an academic type of guy- the teacher who would have every single student listen to him in rapt attention. I am the learning type- one who is always on the first bench. During my first class, I was late because I got stuck in traffic on the way from my office. I am already well-settled but was ambitious enough to join classes to pursue education for civil studies. There was an instant connection when I looked at him. I couldn't place it but I just couldn't take my eyes off him.

I am not someone who is easily impressed. I would often stay up late until 2 am to study during the nights as I had to work in the day, and I finally mustered the courage to ask for his number. I then started WhatsApping and making calls. I found myself attracted to him physically and I was the one who asked him for a one-night stand!

He was very reluctant and hesitant initially but when a woman woos you with all her love and affection, a man is bound to reciprocate. We spent a good year and a half together before realizing that we were not in it for the sex, but genuinely cared and loved each other.


I took care of everything possible for him- his food, his work, everything that I possibly could. He stood by me during a financial mess that I got into and proved to be a worthy companion.

So, what's unusual? Well, to begin with, he is four years younger than me and I am a married woman with two kids.

He sought my permission to start dating women younger than him so that he could do all the things that a normal guy could. He very sweetly says, "My heart is full of your love and I am unable to look at other women. If this continues, how will I be able to love my wife and give her any love?"

I promised him my support but I am dying inside. I've lived the best phase of my life with him and do not want to be selfish enough to ruin his future by asking him to stay with me for the rest of my life. If this isn't karma, what else is karma?

I cheated on my husband only to find the love of my life who is willing to date someone else to forget me.
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