I’m Happily Married But Whenever I think Of Him, My Heart Says "I Love You Too"

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 21 July, 2017

"I love you", he said in a single breath. I guess his eyes were trying to read my reply. I lowered my eyelids. Yes, I liked him. He was the man of my choice. But I was getting married in three days, to the man of my father's choice. 

I had found the person to whom I could say my heart belonged, we were compatible, we had good understanding, a perfect chemistry and we were clearly attracted towards each other. But it was too late. It was too late to hold his hand, too late to fall in love, too late to dream about him. I couldn't answer. My eyes digged in the cup of coffee.

He probably understood. Silence was the only answer. And he knew that I was falling in love with him.

"I know you are bound to someone, and I have no future with you. But I love you. My love has no conditions like marriage that you need to fulfil. Just be happy." He expressed.

My eyes met his. There was a lot more in his eyes which was unspoken and unexpressed. But I could read that. He took my hand in his and made me feel relaxed. We came out of the cafe and drove back to our different worlds.

That was our last meeting. It's been five years since then. I am married and soaked in my responsibilities and I am happily married. I must say adapted well to my marriage. But still, sometimes, I just close my eyes and travel back to the time when I had that last conversation.  I could hear him say "I love you".
Since then I have replied him millions of times. Whenever I think of him, my heart replies "I love you too."

In the culture of arranged marriages, the marriages are mostly without compatibility, affection and understanding. What if we find someone of our choice after our marriage?