I'm 20 And The Love Of My Life Is 9 Years Older Than Me So I Can't Marry Him

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 27 June, 2017

Being the only girl child to my parents and the youngest among all my siblings, I have been pampered a lot in family. Having no real brother or sister makes me feel lonely sometimes, because my parents are always busy with their work. Undoubtedly, I love my family a lot. But I try to find love elsewhere, other than my own people.

I'm just 20 years old, pursuing my studies. And I'm a law student. My family expects a lot from me. But here, I have found the love of my life and I want to marry him. Just like other teenagers, I had other relationships previously and never did I love the way I do now. The man of my dreams is a gentleman and is so perfect for me. He pampers me way more than the way I'm pampered at home. He goes out of his way to make me feel special.

Well let me tell you first that my boyfriend is the nephew of my father's childhood friend. Yeah! It sounds so great. He started liking me from the first day he saw me, it was 3 years before I gave any importance to him. We belong to the same caste, he is settled in his life, good looking, loves me a lot, understanding, and pampers me beyond belief. It's just that he is 9 years older to me. It's his age to get married but not mine. I have to study and become something in life. I love him for what he is. We may have had our failed relationships in the past, but it doesn't create a trust issue between us. And he never disappoints me.

I'm sure my parents can never find a better match for me. The thing is, I'm so much in love with him that I can't live without him. It's kind of a fairy tale love story (touch wood!).

Last month, I went to Delhi for my internship at the Supreme Court and he came all the way to Delhi just for a day. We spent some quality time together and I lost my virginity to him. Then I realized that we love each other more than we could even imagine. At Delhi, we had a little celebration. We cut cake, he gave me red roses, chocolates, a teddy bear, and brought me a bottle of red wine. For someone who hadn't even had a breezer, red wine was the first taste of alcohol. 

My love for him grew more and more, and I respect him a lot. When we were at the airport and I was looking at him, the innocence in his eyes would have made any girl fall for him. His loyalty won my heart.

Now back in my hometown, I miss him a lot. I miss talking to him.

Well I forgot to tell you that it's a long distance relationship, and he has to travel overnight to meet me. Because of my parents, I'm afraid of talking to him. My mother already knows that I'm talking to him and dating him secretly. These days, my parents are angry and are not talking to me. But I want them to know that I love him and he is the best guy for me. He is a gem and I don't want to lose him.

He has already informed his grandmother and aunt about me. We are scared how my father and my father's friend will react. I understand that my parents have lots of dreams and they did a lot of sacrifices for me, but he is the one I want. He has assured me that I can continue my studies even after marriage. He is not just my boyfriend, he's a friend, guide, motivator, and my life support system.

Will they accept our relationship or not?

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