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If You're Alone, This Is The Future You Are Living Into

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If you want to be strong, learn to start enjoying being alone!

At many moments, you will feel a desperate need for somebody in your life. You will face situations where you’ll want to give up and say, “That’s it. I can’t take it anymore.”

You will feel sad, alone, depressed, empty; craving for some company or any person around you. You will question your existence and worth in everybody’s life.

You will start contemplating each decision, small or big, right from the beginning of your life till now.

You will sometimes get thoughts on what will happen when you don’t even exist to see this anymore. You will feel low all the time and might even get panic or anxiety attacks. You might end up surfing the Internet for remedies for depression and even look for ways to painlessly end your pain in the lowest of your moments.

Always remember: It’s okay to feel this way.

Come on, it’s your life and you’re in charge of it! You may feel a little sad and depressed at times, but that is okay. Most importantly, don’t stay under the impression that somebody will always be by your side or help you to get relief from your pain.

Always remember, when you cannot control your own thoughts and actions, how can you control somebody else’s existence in your life?

Just like you, everybody’s got their own set of problems. Nobody will be there for you in your hardest times. No matter how hard you hold on, you’ll never be able to do that. But remember one more thing, you’re strong on your own.

It’s okay if you cannot cry on somebody else’s shoulder or pour your heart out in front of someone’s physical presence.  You have survived many storms on your own. This is not your first time. And this is definitely not going to be the last time either.

You may not know but the feeling that you’re thinking of as a weakness might actually be your strength.

You might actually be strong enough to pass this time alone, only if you trust yourself enough. Always think that you'll be able to survive any difficult situation if you pass this one with flying colours. Just give it a try this time.

You never know, what good might come out of any situation.

Have that courage to keep a smile on your face and never show the outside world what you’re going through and what you can be capable of doing. Don’t be so harsh on yourself. Just do what best you can do.

You have spent your whole life keeping others happy. It’s time to do some good to yourself.

It’s time to be a bada** and start pampering yourself. Just give it a shot. After a few months or years, you will probably laugh about these things, thinking how you lost some beautiful moments of your life thinking about all this.

Think about the NOW! Go and make yourself happy. Period.

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