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I Work In The Food Industry And This Is What You Need To Know About "Shortage"

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We're at the beginning of a lockdown. We know for now that it's 21 days long. Let's hope we keep it that way. 

Before you do anything... anything at all, first ask yourself whether this is the time to panic. I'm sure it's scary, but do you HAVE TO panic? Those are two different things. 

I work in the food industry and I handle sales for my organization- in two states of the country. It's counter-intuitive for me to work from home, but I'm doing it anyway. When the coronavirus news was just a whisper, we were already thinking ahead. In the past week especially, we've been completely in sync with the government's announcements, taking extra precautions even before a new type of panic surfaces. 

Being in sales, that too in the food industry, has allowed me to surf through many ups and downs in the market. We've faced really tough situations, and just as we think that things can't get any worse, it becomes tougher. But trust me when I say this, we are prepared for everything. The baap of bad times can come, and we'll still make it through. If you don't believe me, you should get an internship in a corporate sales team once in your life. 

Where do you think all our careful business planning comes from? We modify our plans based on- wait for it- YOUR personal benefit. It's our topmost priority to make sure you have access to our produce and products. Of course, because we want to sell more, but also because whether you eat to live or live to eat, you still need to get food! 

We are not only keeping ourselves and our teams safe, but we are also ensuring that our food reaches you safely (virus-free, and transported in clean vehicles, by virus-free personnel). But you guys really love to make things extra difficult for us, don't you?

Just two days into the Janata Curfew, our sales spiked up. The graph on our sales report is a little shorter than the Burj Khalifa. When demand-driven sales are high, we're more than happy. But when panic-driven sales shoot up through the roof, it's bad news all around. So yes, I'm very close to reaching my month-end target but not at the cost of running out of stock for no good reason. People, some types of food are not perishable and will be available even at odd times. When times are this slippery, do you really need to buy all of this?

Like doctors or policemen, even the food guys are working overtime. I've never seen a coordinated effort run this smoothly (despite all the constraints). Today, the Industries Secretary in my home state Telangana, was live on a webinar and said that food industry delivery personnel can procure their curfew passes just by producing their company's ID card. 

You see, all measures are in place. The only reason why there will be any shortage is because YOU ARE PANIC BUYING. 

When you buy unnecessarily, it creates a shortage for people who really need that food. But I'll be fully honest with you. Making food available to you is not the real challenge. Our main pain point right now is to find enough delivery executives. Everyone is self-isolating. 

But we're leaving no stone unturned to make sure everything runs smoothly. We might not be operational 100%, but we're doing enough for you to put food on the table. People are already dying of a pandemic, they don't have to die of starvation too. And that's in YOUR hands. 

Chill. We're here to serve you. And like always, we'll reach your homes and hearts through your stomach only. 

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