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I Will Never Get Another Chance With My Dad, And That's Why I Must Tell You This

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With Father's Day around the corner, I would like to share a particular Father's Day experience that I've had.

My dad never believed in celebrating these days; like Father's Day or Mother's Day. For him it was, "if you have that love and respect daily, it means more than wishing on a particular day"! And he knew how much we loved him. But if I ever wished him, he would be more than glad! 

We both shared a bond that nobody could understand (not even ourselves). We were like-minded, so we had many clashes, arguments and some cold wars where we would pass messages through mom or my sister (typical, right?)! I too rarely wished him for Father's Day, it always depended on my mood or if my heart urged me to.

This Father's Day was different. It was the one 2 years ago (2018). I felt like gifting him something this time, to show that even though I never expressed my love, gratitude and appreciation towards him, for me he was my Superhero! I remember logging in to the site to purchase something which he would love, but then got distracted with some work I had to complete. Though the thought of this lingered at the back of my mind, I didn't actually sit down to complete the purchase.

Father's Day came and went by. My heart still wanted to buy that gift for him, but then I thought to myself "Father's Day is already gone, I'll buy it next year. Anyway, dad knows how much I love him." After this, I forgot about it and carried on with work. I had no idea why I strongly felt like gifting him something this time when the other times a simple wish was all that made us both happy!

A month after Father's Day, I lost my dad. It was all of a sudden, no warning, no sickness, just poof! In a night he was gone! I didn't get another chance to gift him or wish him, and I will always regret not gifting him what my heart kept urging me to do that year!

I learnt that life is very uncertain. I would say I lost a part of me forever that year. We were best friends; he could literally read my mind! And I could read his too! I can't express that bond in words, but all I know is I've been a changed person since then. I have always followed my heart, and I regret not following it one last time. I know my dad still knew how much he meant to me, but I can't stop wondering how happy he would have been if I had expressed it!

He had those daddy superpowers of opening cans that nobody in the house could! Fixing everything that's broken! Having a solution for every problem! Taking responsibility and making us feel safe with his presence! All relatable, right? I'm sure it is.

So all you blessed ones who have your dad around, go and wish them! If not, just go and give them a tight hug or say 'I love you' or whatever you could do to express yourself! Because not getting a second chance is painful, and there will always be a tiny bit of regret for the rest of your life!

PS: I was going to gift daddy a momento which said: World's Best Father!
Which to me, certainly he was and will always be!

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