I Was Madly In Love With Her Till I Was Forced To Face The Truth

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 12 September, 2017

There are people who fall in love and it lasts a lifetime, there are people who find love after a heartbreak but my case is different. I fell in love three times, with three different girls and 3 stages of my life but I got hurt each and every time.

Today, I’ll share my first love story.

It all began when I was in class 12th. Her name was Payal and I met her during teacher’s day celebrations. We were both hosting the show and that’s how we started spending a lot of time together. After the celebrations, we both exchanged numbers and started talking over the phone all night.


We spoke about everything. I knew her deepest secrets and her happiest memories. She told me about her ex boyfriend, Rahul, who would get drunk and beat her a lot. It was around that time I started falling for her. I started liking her and even she liked me.

We never asked each other out but we knew we were committed. We gave each other nicknames, said I love you all the time. Everything was perfect till a friend of mine told me that he saw her with some other guy. I was shocked. I asked her about it and she said they were just friends and I believed her. I even convinced my friend that it was his misunderstanding.

After a few days my friend told me that a guy had called him and he wanted to meet us. So, we fixed a meeting. The guy was Rahul. The second I got to know it was him I started abusing him for all that he’d done to Payal. He told me it was all false and that Payal and him were still in a relationship.

I was broken. He showed me their photos and their latest conversations and I didn’t know what to say.

When I told Payal about what had happened, she was left speechless. I broke up with her, deleted all our chats and never spoke to her ever again. She tried to call me many times and I didn’t pay heed. Later, I found out that she got married to a guy, he wasn’t Rahul and it was a ‘love marriage’.