I Was Just Helping Him Hold His Broken Heart, Now I'm Left Shattered And Clueless

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 22 July, 2017

I had just completed my 10th standard. I was a very outgoing, bubbly and a confident girl. I lived in an apartment. It was the time when one of my neighbours' sisters came to visit her in Nashik.

We met and spent time with each other. She talked about her boyfriend, Anish. It so happened that I got introduced to her boyfriend. We gradually became best friends. Sona left for her city. Whenever they had arguments, I was the one who consoled both of them.

Anish was a very sincere guy. I felt that Sona wasn’t the right girl for him. She wasn’t serious about him. Anish had a health problem. He had developed three blood clots in his brain. I prayed for his successful surgery.


I prayed to God that I would fast for ten days. I also took an oath to fast on every Friday for the next year if he gets well. The surgery was successful and he made it. He got to know about my prayers through his friends. He was very touched by my gesture and expressed his feelings towards me.

It was the 24th of November 2014. I reciprocated my feelings for him. We decided not to get into a relationship. But destiny had other plans in store for us. We unofficially got into a relationship.

On the 6th of December, he proposed me in the most adorable manner. I couldn’t deny it. His entire family knew about me. Everything was moving very smoothly. But suddenly his father had a problem about our long distance relationship.

On 2nd of June, he came to my city to meet me. His cousins were around and we couldn’t talk much. It was a tragic time for me and my family. My grandmother had slipped into coma. My father had met with an accident and underwent a surgery. I felt that I was losing my grandmother.


That same night, I received a message from Anish’s number stating that it was his brother. It had many abusive messages. I was shocked and told my friend about this. He was furious and started calling Anish from different numbers. But all went in vain. He didn’t answer the phone calls. Next day, my grandmother got expired. He had excuses to cover up for his mistakes as usual.

One day in October, he asked for two months break. I waited for him. We had completed one year of our togetherness. I was expecting his call or message. But he didn’t connect. He came back in December and I lost it. I broke up with him. He tried convincing me for a day or two but that wasn’t enough.

He blocked me. Then in the month of July, he had unblocked me. So I stupidly texted him and we started talking. We were back together. This time we had that fairytale kind of a relationship. We spoke day and night. He would sing songs for me. He talked about his desire to marry me. I believed him.

He was possessive about me. He got angry because of some topic regarding my celebrity crush. We didn’t speak for a long time. I have done so much for him. I was often scolded by my bother and my mother. Many a times even his family members used to come and scold me.

I was treated badly. Irrespective of everything, I loved him. My self-confidence was lowered to zero. I felt that I wasn’t good enough.


After 4 months, I decided to confront this to his friend. The next day I received a text from Anish asking me to move on as he has married a girl he loves. I was shocked because no law would allow a 19 year old boy to get married. I also thought that he loved me.

Everyone in his family abused me. He was someone who would fight with everyone just to be with me. But then he would let anyone verbally abuse me. Wondered what changed him. There are so many questions that are left unanswered. I am left depressed and with no friends with me.

I was just helping him hold his broken heart. Now I am shattered. I can’t concentrate on my career. I am clueless about my next move in life.