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I Was In Love With Her But She Thought I Was A Stalker: I Let Her Go So She Could Be Happy

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There are moments in life that you wish just froze; these moments always remain in your heart no matter what happens. One such moment happened with me.

I was in Class XI then and it was the first day at school; the moment I entered the classroom, I knew my life was about to change. She was sitting right next to the window.

She was a new entrant in the school and in my heart. She was someone way out of my league and she was also someone who holds a deep and best spot in my heart even after nearly 7 years.

The last two years of my school life went in trying to get close to her. I wanted to get chocolates for her but couldn't gather the strength to get one exclusively for her so I used to buy a whole box for the entire class. This continued for a few days before our class teacher came to know about it and warned me that she shall take it up with my parents if I didn't stop.

I garnered courage one day and went to her house with a friend. I stalked her and tried to make her believe that my love for her was real, I did all I could, with all honesty and in a very sophisticated manner, but she still felt unsafe.

Her brother called me up and fought with me over the phone, this made me think of what I was doing was right at all or not. That night I asked her brother to meet me alone.

He agreed, we met outside their locality, he was angry, he threatened me of dire consequences, I explained my side of the story to him and he was considerate enough to understand me, I promised to not stalk her to talk to her.

I loved her, and I do so today also, but I didn't want to be a problem for her.

Once school was over I shifted to another city for my higher education, I thought I will forget her, I tried doing that for 3 years, I couldn't. In my final year of college, I called her up, she disconnected the call on hearing my name. I was shattered.

Slowly her memories were put in hindsight, I got busy with my job. But life likes to play with you with the things you love the most.

A few months back while returning from the gym I saw her cross by in her car. There was this sudden urge to follow her and see if I could get a chance to talk to her. She parked her car in front of the same school where I first saw her 7 years back. I couldn't get down. I could just get a glimpse of her. She was happy. I didn't want to ruin her day. I just rushed back home.

2 days later I went back outside the school and saw her again, this time she was sitting in her car and facing the road. She saw me, our eyes met for a moment before I drove off.

I don't know what to do. I love her, but I won't make a move until she feels the same way. All love stories are not complete, some remain one sided like mine

The love continues to grow stronger. It is not her fault that I love her, I don't regret loving her. I look forward to the day when we'll meet. Till then I will keep loving her.

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