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I Was In An Abusive Relationship And Didn’t Have The Guts To Come Out Of It Until I Met Him

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*For representational purpose only.

This is the story about how I jumped from one disastrous relationship into another disastrous one. And at the end, I was heartbroken and hurt.

All this started when I was doing my graduation. Every one of my friends had a boyfriend and they used to talk, cuddle, and do all those lovey-dovey things. I always felt lonely and sidelined. And I never did makeup, always used to wear salwar and be as simple as possible, not to forget I had spectacles too. I thought this was the reason no one was attracted to me.

One day, a friend of mine introduced to his friend, whom I found very attractive. 

And to my surprise, so did he. He took my number and we started talking. And without even realizing, I started doing little things like change in my wardrobe, applying makeup and I guess it was to impress him. But I felt confident and comfortable in what I was doing so I went with the flow.

After graduation, it was time for a long distance relationship.

Things changed here drastically. I got mingled in a group of people at work; both boys and girls were there in the group. And we used to go for late dinners, party and picnics. My boyfriend grew very insecure because there were boys in this group. He started abusing and fighting with me. Even when we met, he used to check my texts and ask who this guy was, why he sent me messages and started venting out his anger when we got physical.

I was getting hurt with each passing day and had no one to confide into. 

I finally decided to share it with someone, and there was this guy from work in the same group, I started talking to him. I shared my problems with him and he listened and always gave solutions to me. After a while, I realized that I was getting attracted to this guy from work and so was he. I told him all this and he said that he wanted to get into a relationship with me and also showed me that I was getting abused which was not good.

Not that I did not know about abuse, but I did not have the strength to take a decision.

Eventually, I broke up with my boyfriend after a month of discussion and literally jumped into a relationship with this guy from the workplace. All was good in my life again. We both knew each other's past completely and never ever hid anything from each other. It was just like a perfect relationship and no problems. He would take me on bike rides; we would spend our weekend at his place all alone. He introduced me to his family and I introduced him to mine. Our mothers talked with each other and to us as well. His brother was super cool and I immediately connected to him as well, he took care of me as his sister. I decided to pursue higher education and then all hell broke loose.

He started behaving differently after I moved to a different city.

He started cutting me off from his life. I found out later that he would go out with another girl and was double-timing me for few months. He broke up with me but wouldn't let me go, he would still want my whereabouts and said to me that he might come back to me. And his girlfriend had no clue about all this.

Then I decided to not try, and he moved on very easily.

Please don't judge me. I know what I have been through. And, I also feel that Karma does its work like it did to me. Writing my story here is helping me a little bit that at least I am sharing this with someone. And, I hope someone would understand me.

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