I Was Forced To Be In An Abusive Relationship For 7 Years Because I Left My Home For Him

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 10 June, 2017

I met him when I was 20. After 2 years of our relationship, we eloped and got married. The problem started after the second day of our marriage, he slapped me for not listening to his mom. He left me so scared that I used to sit in a corner and shiver when he entered the room. He physically abused me every night.

This continued for a while but still I was very happy when I got the news of my pregnancy in 2011. The abuse didn't stop. Bad part was that my parents didn't support me because I ran away from my home for him.

During a function in my seventh month of pregnancy, my family was demanded for gold. The worst part was that my so-called in-laws wanted me to stay at my parents' place after delivery and they wanted them to pay for my delivery but my parents were not ready due to the cultural difference.

I was in depression because no one wanted to keep me with them. I was blessed with a baby girl soon but fights didn't stop there, I was abused by his sister when I delivered.

During the cradle function, they demanded for gold again and I was under pressure because my parents had no money and they used to call me and cry. Things went on as it is, we moved to Bangalore because of his family's interference and as usual I was just with him because he wanted a full-time maid.

He was so narrow minded that he had a problem with everything, from what I wore to what I ate. He even threw me out of his house in Bangalore. I had no one to go to and I was left all alone on the streets with no money to come back home. He did find me later.

I came back home after months and my daughter was ill, this happened because my in-laws made a one and a half year old girl eat ice cream at 2 am in the night.

She had fever and the doctor asked me to admit her, I had no money. My parents paid. When my in-laws came to see my daughter, they didn't even ask me how I arranged the money but my mother-in-law did shed crocodile tears.

Things kept happening like this and I moved back to my in-laws' place. I started working while he was still in Bangalore. Things were fine then, I was happy when he was not around. But he started recording my calls and he had a problem every time I spoke with my friends. When he came to meet me, I got to know that he had recorded my calls. I was beaten up again. I tried to speak with my mom about this but she said, "You got married to the man of your choice, now pay for it."

Every single night in my marriage I have cried. I couldn't leave him because I didn't know where to go since he kept all my salary also. He soon made me quit my job. His anger was so bad that he'd hit me anywhere.

The worst part happened when once at night I woke up to go to the washroom and his parents were sleeping in the hall. By mistake, my leg hit his father's leg. I was not at all aware about this but in the morning, I was beaten up again. 

In 2015 I was pregnant again, I didn't want the kid because I knew I won't be able to support my kids. But, I wasn't given a choice. It so happened that his younger brother committed suicide during that time because of depression and so when I delivered my kid, my mother-in-law took away my son.

I forced myself to leave my husband, I walked out from his office but he took away my kids. The divorce case is pending. My parents didn't support me, I'm living in a hostel to survive. I am not allowed to meet my kids or speak with them.