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I Was Emotionally Destroyed When I Met Him To Realise That You Should Never Be Looking

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It is rightly said that what matters the most in one’s life is to meet the right person at the right time. But let me tell you, timing is a bi***. It never works out the way we want it to and when it does, we are glad it did. 

Hello dear reader,

Let me tell you why I am penning down this piece. This story is not simply a philosophical perspective or just an experience. It is to tell you that sometimes, you need to be willing to let time be cruel to you and be patient for things to work out. But of course, make sure the one you are being patient for is the right one. 

How do I know if my guy is the right guy? 

Well, there is no universal checklist for it, and to be honest, I’ve never had a check-list to post about all these weird experiences. It has become all about what I feel and sense and see that makes someone the right guy for me. 

I am a person who suffers from disorders like- anxiety, bipolarity, histrionic personality, OCD, paranoia and much more. These are all gradual additions to my experiences since childhood. I eventually realized it due to all my failed relationships. But with my boyfriend, let’s call him Mr. X, I feel that my overthinking is put to rest.

He calms me down in a way my mind never knew it could. His touch soothes the uneasiness that dwells in me. And all these qualities are just a few reasons why I call him 'the one'.

The real reason he is my guy is that he is my friend first. He is someone I could count on, someone who accepts me for me, with all of my disorders, someone who knows that I must be dealt with patience, someone who knows what I want though I would cringe at it first, someone who assures me every now and then that he is not going away no matter what I do. And not just his words, but his actions also reflect the same amount of genuineness and honesty. 

I was in a very bad phase of denial about relationships when I met him. He, on the other hand, had a similar experience. So we understood the need of being emotionally broken and the need of time to repair ourselves. We gave each other that. We provided each other with comfort and most genuine care (he towards me more than me towards him). 

He had all the answers all the time as to how to deal with things that made me like him more. I am someone who needs answers, and logical ones, too. I needed them for my satisfaction. And Voila! I realized why I'd never need someone else when I have him. I was not searching for a boyfriend or a relationship. It just happened.

And I am glad that timing was a bi*** to me earlier. It gifted me the love of my life today and I hope he knows this because I won’t openly admit it in front of him, that he arrived at the best time of, my life when I thought I never needed anyone. 

We met on a dating site, with no agenda to date. Over a period of time, we became the best of friends to each other, only to date each other at a later stage. Magical, isn’t it?

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