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I Was Always Jealous Of My Attractive Best Friend: How I Got Over My Insecurities

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Haven’t we all felt that pang of jealousy when our best friend is more attractive than us? She gets hundreds of likes on a normal picture than your hottest picture. All her opinions are heard, appreciated and supported. All you get is negativity and an empty queue behind you. When all her work gets done in a jiffy and you struggle in the scorching sun. When your crush approaches you only to get in touch with your attractive friend!

We all feel life is so unfair. Aren’t these perennial problems in the life of girls who have more attractive female friends? No! Experience taught me all this-

These are mere stepping stones that make you stronger in who you are and let you appreciate the beauty of yourself.

People will not love you less: Attractive people do have an edge. But your friends, family and your lover will love you for what you are and not for how you look. Being attractive and pretty is no doubt a booster.

But all that goes in a healthy relationship is your mutual trust and understanding.

A lot of girls believe that guys are attracted to only beautiful girls. Well, that’s not the only case. All my intelligent male friends look for an independent and confident woman. Someone who would make them feel comfortable. Fight the insecurities: I always had to deal with negative thoughts of not being appreciated or not being heard. These are just insecurities in your mind. They unnecessarily make you push yourself to prove your credibility to people. Instead, just work with the correct frame of mind, give your 100% and people will know what you are worth compared to just a pretty face.

It is said ‘Insecurity breeds arrogance’. If you are insecure, you would want to prove yourself and get portrayed as an arrogant person.

Sometimes people have an urge to put their beautiful pictures and their good deeds on social media just to prove themselves to the world. Of course we can’t generalise it.

Once you feel good about yourself, you will not care what people think about you. There is no need to post your beautiful picture or tell the world on Facebook about the fabulous work that you do.

Be confident: The rule of thumb is; if you are practical and make sense, you will be heard. Make sure you play your cards right and be confident. Be smart and not just beautiful. All the hardships that we undergo only make us stronger. Never ever underestimate yourself when people don’t give you attention or go by your way. Sit and interrogate.

What must have gone wrong? Were you well prepared? Were all your things backed up by some proof? Were you making sense?

People want to talk to intellectual and logical people. In all the interviews that I had attended so far, only things that worked in my favour were my knowledge, common sense and logic.< I no more feel jealous looking at better looking people around. I have grown beyond that and have mastered the art of being confident in my own skin.

I have realised that a clever mind is more attractive than a beautiful face.

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