I Was Always Afraid Of Falling In Love With Her But She Kissed Me That Day

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 6 September, 2017

2012... A year that I will never forget.

Bangalore is a beautiful city with loads of opportunity for everyone. It's also a place where I learnt how badly infidelity could hurt, after joining a company here I was surrounded by new friends and started enjoying life.

Anjana was a peer and was a great friend who used to hangout with me. We attended weddings and she even stayed at my place when she didn't have the money to stay outside. I started to like this girl and was afraid it might become love at one point, and started avoiding her. While she clearly knew something was wrong, she started chasing me and asking what happened. While I said nothing, I knew for sure that this girl was the one. I told her how much I loved her when she resigned from the company and went to her hometown (that's what she said). She also said she might get married to a guy her parents find when I told her about my love, and thereby ending it the moment I proposed.


As much as it hurt, I wished her good luck and got back to my work. The days passed and a month later she came back, saying that the other proposal got cancelled. I still knew she would leave me some day and stayed away from her. I started drinking and Old Monk became my favourite pal.

It was on a weekend when she called me and wanted to come over to my place. I told her I was drunk and that I didn't want to meet her. To my surprise, she was there at my place and had this sorry look on her face. I told her to have some noodles if she was hungry. Instead, she chose to kiss me.

Now I really wish that didn't happen that day. That moment marked the beginning of our relationship. She promised to never leave me and wanted to meet my parents. The days went on and we were more like husband and wife. However, there was this part of her that was always a secret. She never showed her phone nor let me know where she went on weekends.

Then there was a dreadful evening when she asked me to pick her up from her PG and take me to her home. I kept waiting for her for 4 hours. She kept disconnecting my calls and switched off her phone. It was after 9 pm when she came to her PG and I was waiting outside. She immediately handed me her bag and said will get changed and come.


I waited for an hour and realized she wasn't coming. I called one of her roommates to check on her, who gave me the first shock. She was very badly drunk and had passed out. I didn't know how to react and went back to my place. Out of curiosity, I checked her bag and found some bills and a pen drive. The bills were of bars where she'd made the payment with her card. I called up the bar where she got drunk that day to find out that she had come with a guy.

Throughout the relationship, she had told me that she hated drinking and would never want to see me drunk. I didn't know how to react and proceeded with checking the pen drive, where I saw several pictures of her with another guy in awkward positions and with drinks.

I spent an entire night out of my home, wondering what was happening in my life. The very next morning she came to my place and fell on my feet to apologize and admit that she was going around with a guy (only for drinking and dancing), who happened to be a trainer at her office. He was married and had a kid. She also threatened to commit suicide if I didn't accept her back. I was such an idiot, I trusted her.

She stayed that day at my home and the very next day, informed that she was going home to get her parents approval for our wedding. I had already introduced her to my mom and sister as she was feeling insecure, and always stopped me from speaking with any other girl. In the meanwhile, I removed her SIM card and had given her a postpaid connection (which was in my name).

Within a few days after reaching home, she stopped answering my calls and one fine day sent me a message "All the best for your life. I have nothing to do with you anymore. Goodbye."

She had already called my mom and informed that she doesn't want to continue the relationship as her parents wanted a guy from the same community. As I was already betrayed once by this girl, I called the customer care and got the list of numbers she had called from my SIM (in my name) and got one number which she kept dialing often. It was a guy from her college.

She was cheating on both of us at the same time. I didn't believe it until he showed me her messages and their photographs. After getting to know this, even he tried calling her. But she wouldn't answer.

It is really such a shame that a girl would ruin the lives of two guys and use their money to roam around with another guy. Till this day, I am scared to get into another relationship as there is not a day that has passed where I don't think of what happened in my life. She ruined two years of my life when I had lots of ambitions and opportunities to grow.

I am successful today and have everything I've ever wanted in life. But the person who mattered more than anyone is no more with me. I never thought I would share this story with anyone, but I couldn't control my emotions as I recently saw her profile on a matrimonial site where her expectation from the groom is for a guy with 'good character and pure heart'. She claimed that she is the best bride for any good family.

God bless her. I just hope she doesn't ruin any more lives.

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