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I Was A 'Boy' And People Never Realized What He Was Doing To Me

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I have been living with this all my life. We live in a society that stereotypes. It affects men, women and sadly, even children. We are biased towards one gender, we feel only women are sexually abused but we forget that little boys and men are raped and molested too.

One such boy was me.

I was born in a middle-class family and was always a pampered child. I was cute like most children are but I still don't know what was so different about me that I was harassed, sexually abused and molested for the whole time I was in school.

I was in class 1 when an elder relative of mine started trying on me, and it was just the beginning. Whenever he used to see me, he would do the harshest of things. 

When my mom asked me what happened, I had to lie because I was too scared. He kept assaulting me till the age of 18 until one day I asked him to stop. 

I was already depressed when my classmates started calling me with different slangs. I used to cry, scream, complain but all that meant nothing. Absolutely nothing.

This phase continued for years. Later in life, I did find a few good people but that doesn't mean it was all over. My dance teacher tried to sexually assault me as well. I stopped him, but for the entire duration of his classes, he still tried. 

All this was freaking hard for a child to bear. It's not at all easy for a child to go through all this. After I graduated from school, I started going out alone as I had no friends. Slowly I started discovering new places, my sexuality, myself and meeting new people. I made friends, met good people, discovered good and bad things.

I never uttered a word about what I was going through. I used to cry at night, putting my mouth on the pillow so that no one could hear me. I was living a dual life. 

Then I met this girl who changed my life. She brought such positivity in my life that I started believing in the good. We became very good friends. I started growing as a person. I worked on my communications skills, posture, language, gestures, behaviour, stopped being a victim and started being me. I stopped worrying about things.

I started attending seminars, watching theatre, joined dance classes where I learnt a lot as when you do something creative in life you don't learn the art, you learn life.

From what I was then to what I am today, people don't have the guts to utter a single word against me now. People love me, my work, my achievements.
I made it but there are thousands of more kids like me who are still going through all this. I was lucky to not have been through worse, I have friends who have been through things that one can't imagine. Please take care of your kids, siblings and listen up: boys can be victims too.

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