I Thought I Had Lost Him But Love Always Finds Its Way Back To Where It Belongs

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This story is about how I found the love of my life.

It all started with a request on Facebook from him. One fine day, sir decided to message me. I went through his profile before replying and found out that he was younger to me. So I replied and it started off with a simple ‘hi,’ ‘where are you from’ and such other casual stuff.

The third day, he asked for my number. He seemed genuine and so I gave it.

It was 8th of May 2016 when he was completely high and he proposed to me over a message. I didn’t know how to respond. I replied him good night and went back to sleep. The next morning, he sent me a text that said that he was still waiting for my answer. I told him that he was high and I hardly knew him. I didn’t know anything about him and we hadn’t even met before.

He was being supportive but also said that he needed me in his life.

After much coaxing from my best friend, I decided to meet this guy on August 10. We used to share everything with each other and I have no idea when I fell for him. Since I hadn’t given him a proper commitment, he was meeting other girls as well. One fine day, I decided to tell him that I loved him too and we got into a relationship, not a proper one though.

Even though we were in the same city, we hardly met. Every time I used to make plans but he wasn’t ready to meet. Then he would call and I would ignore him. This went on for many months.

In January, I finally decided to get over this relationship.

I had again planned to meet and he cancelled on me saying that he had internals the next day. I had had enough. So I broke up with him. I told him that if wasn’t ready to give me his time and attention, I didn’t need him in my life. We blocked each other on all the platforms but fate had planned something different for us. We were so attached to each other emotionally that we couldn’t stay without talking. I was feeling depressed so I decided to booze and he, on the other hand, texted my best friend saying that he couldn’t stay without me.

He promised her that he would never hurt me again and be an ideal boyfriend.

That fight brought us together and we are now a perfect couple setting relationship goals for all our friends. He even made me meet his family and they have approved of our relationship.

Love always finds you.

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