I Stayed Away From Him For Years, He Still Wanted To Marry Me: You Won't Believe What Happened Next

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After my board exams got over, I took admission in a reputed college of Kolkata. It wasn’t my first option but my father wanted me to have a backup. Since I wanted to study law, I started preparing for the entrance exam and also managed my college somehow.

This was the period when I first met this man. He was charming- in fact, very charming. Brown hair, blue eyes and fair skin. His features matched all the handsome characters I used to read in novels that time. But I never went head over heels for him. We became friends and soon started meeting very often.

I secretly enjoyed the jealous looks I used to get from other girls while I walked with him, and I guess as teenagers, these things are a big deal. Anyway, our friendship progressed and during one of our conversations, he admitted that he was around 5 years older than me, which came as a big shock to me. I never thought he would be so much older. It was funny though, that in so many months of friendship, his age never came up as a topic until then.


Soon, I took an entrance exam and was waiting for my results. It was during then that he proposed to me, and it came as another shock! It was the last thing I was expecting.

It was very hard to say no to such a charming human being and I ended up saying a yes. But within a week, I broke up with him because something didn’t feel right. Everything looked too good to be true. I had met him through Facebook and I hardly knew anything about him. He was financially settled and a handsome man who wouldn’t find it hard to charm a girl.

So why would he date a girl who was 5 years younger than him and also just passed out of school? I grew suspicious of his intentions. Perhaps I was an easy target for him. Maybe girls of his age group were mature enough not to fall in his trap, and that’s why he preferred me. So I decided to put an end to it, but we continued talking as friends.

Soon, my results came out and I got admission in a university in a different city. I was excited and happy but as I broke the news to him, his reaction wasn’t the same. He didn’t want me to go, but obviously I wouldn’t let go of my ambition and dreams for a man I had known only for 6 months (and also whom I suspected of being some kind of fraud who just wanted to get in my pants).


I moved to another city and had the most memorable time of my life. I was independent and I was studying the subject I always wanted to. Although we were in touch through phone, we didn’t meet for almost 2 years.

It was that time when I was interning in Kolkata for a month when he came to my office to surprise me. He called and asked me to look down from my window, and to my surprise I saw him standing right there. That was the day I fell head over heels in love with him.

He looked very handsome and seeing him after two years was definitely a treat to my eyes. And then we started meeting more often but I was somewhere alert that no matter what, I would never succumb to any of his undue demands, if at all he made them. 

One day, when I was in the office, he called me and said he had something important to ask, and that he wanted to take our relationship to the next level. I was somewhat expecting this, but I was really upset.

That moment I realized that it was glittery but not gold, but I continued the conversation and asked him what he meant by it. He then said, “Will your marry me?”

Well, needless to say, I went numb for at least ten seconds (realistically speaking, but it seemed forever to get my mouth open). There was a roller-coaster ride of emotions and thoughts in my mind and heart. I was trying to control my blush and smile because I had co-workers around me, but it was hard to do so. I took a deep breath and said that we'd discuss this later. Obviously, I couldn’t do any work for the rest of the day. But I knew my answer.

I had to say no.

I had a long way to go, I had to complete my education, and moreover my parents never mentioned my marriage, ever. I would obviously not go and tell them that I wanted to get married. I still had my doubts about him.

That summer, I said no to that first vague opportunity, and went back to my university. But it was hard. I was in love with him by then. We spoke over the phone, but he always tried to persuade me. His family wanted him to settle down and he wanted to marry me.

I came back to Kolkata for the Puja vacations and then we met again.

One day during my vacation, I had gone to a temple with my parents after which I had plans with him. I decided that it would be the last day of meeting for us. He had to get married and move on, and if we kept talking, it would be hard for him. While I was in the temple, he also showed up.

We exchanged glances but because my parents were with me, I ignored him completely. Now what I am about to say is something unbelievable, but yeah things happen.

My mother came to me and asked to take a look at him. I was scared because I thought she might have seen him staring or looking at me. I asked her, "What’s there to look?"

And then to my life’s utter shock, she said that she always imagined a son-in-law like him. The guy I marry should be as good looking and as ‘sanskari’ as him. She loved the way he prayed in the temple and obviously, she loved how he looked. My mother, like a typical Indian mom, was already imagining him marrying me.

I was stunned to hear all of that. I mean I couldn’t believe what she had just said. After gaining the courage, I told her that I already knew him and he is here for me, and that he actually wanted to marry me. 

That moment my mother got the biggest shock of her life. She absolutely did not believe me until the moment I called out his name and he came to us.

My mother fixed a coffee meeting with him for the next day and that very day, she gave her approval. He spilled the beans to his family and soon our folks decided to meet officially. Everything went well. We got married within 5 months and I have the most loving family ever.

My in-laws are the best I could ever imagine. My mother-in-law loves me like her own daughter and my father-in-law pampers me a lot. And my husband? Well, he always glittered, and he is gold.

The amount of love I get from him and his family which is now mine, is beyond what words can ever describe. My mother-in-law is the kind of ma who massages my head if ever I get a headache, and my father-in-law feeds me my favourite dessert with his own hands. My husband treats me like his baby wife.

As far as my career is concerned, I have all the freedom to do anything I want. So guys, here is my happy ending after all the doubts, ups and downs, and the enormous amounts of skepticism.

We are living in a generation where everything seems so grey, but please keep some colours alive. Believe in magic and believe that good people still exist, and good things will happen to you.

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Author's Note:

And I have two last revelations to share, firstly, he is six years older than me which he confessed during our courtship because he was too scared to lose me, and secondly, I still enjoy that look of jealousy from other women.

Editor's Note:

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