I Said He Was The Most Important Person In My Life: There Was No Looking Back

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 18 July, 2018

Six years back I met him. He was my childhood friend but maybe calling him my enemy would be more precise; enemy because I would be jealous of him scoring more marks than me at our school. I shifted to another city when I was in grade 4 and had lost all contact with my best friend and him. So yes after so many years, I ended up meeting him without planning as he just passed by me and my best friend stopped him to introduce me to him. To my surprise, he didn't recognize me which led my blood to boil. That was the only short meet we had and I came back to my city.

Three days later, a Facebook message popped in and it was him messaging me with apologies.

He said he remembered me by my nickname and when my best friend introduced me with my real name, he couldn't recognise me. I forgave him and there our friendship started. And then I went to another city to meet my relatives and had no network to get in touch with him. Once I was back and opened my Facebook account, it was flooded with his messages. The first message was asking for my phone number and then the next few messages were the explanation of why he had asked me for my number and how he had no wrong intention. I laughed and gave him my number. To my surprise, he informed me that he'll be in my city next month again for some classes. And our chats started again.

And one day suddenly, he asked me who is the most important person of my life and out of nowhere, I answered it's him. And there was no looking back.

He proposed to me and I said yes. The next month he was in my city and he came to meet me in a shop where I was buying saris for my mom and he saw me wearing a sari. And then the meets started and we had the perfect romantic phase of our lives. A month passed by just like that. I was happy with my relationship and called my best friend to tell him that we completed a month only to realise that he was upset with me because I gave all my time to my boyfriend. I apologised and explained everything to him.

I thought that he had no grudges remaining but soon I got to know that he was publicising our relationship in our city.

My boyfriend went back to his city and found out how my best friend told everyone about our relationship. My boyfriend threatened my best friend that if he continued to do the same, he'll beat him up. And that was the end, my best friend informed my parents about my relationship and we had to break up. This was the end of my mini fairytale.

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