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I Married The Love Of My Life And I Just Had My Fourth Abortion

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Mine was a love marriage. The guy was from another caste but my parents had no issues. In fact, he wasn’t earning anything at the time we got married so my parents supported us financially as well.

I was asked to leave my well paying job at an MNC because his family did not want a working daughter-in-law and so I gave it up for love. He changed after marriage; he never supported me when I needed him the most, not even when I lost my brother.

We had our first child soon after marriage and neither him nor his family were around to help me take care of my son. I craved love and attention in that house; I had always dreamt of living in a joint family.

I wanted to feel loved so desperately that when I got the opportunity to be with a guy who was willing to accept me with my child, I really wanted to go for it but it just didn’t seem right.

This wasn’t the worst part though; the worst part was the abortions I had, not one, not two, I went through four abortions. I was drained; physically and emotionally.

I am still with him because I want my daughter to be happy; I am ready to give up my happiness and hope for my daughter and for my parents’ reputation in the society to stay protected.

Even though I am highly qualified and know that I can get a job anywhere I want, I have realized one thing in life; the tag of a ‘divorcee’ or ‘single mother’ is not acceptable in the society.

Your reputation in the society is above everything else, so much so that even my parents who have been seeing this for 10 years now are not standing up for me. Once when I had told my mother that my husband doesn’t care if I feel like having sex with him or not; she said, “sleep with him anyway, think of him as a client and yourself as a prostitute”.

Now I'm out of depression and fighting this situation on my own, just for my little angel. 

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