I Made One Big Mistake And Lost Her Forever

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 30 August, 2017

In my first year, my best friend asked me out. I thought something like this will ruin our bond but she insisted so I accepted her proposal.

She loved me a lot but she was in Delhi and long distance was really hard to maintain. We did everything; video chats, late night calls, exchanging gifts, everything.

But once, I had to go to my village because my grandfather had passed away. That was the time when I couldn’t give her a lot of attention because of my family. It was during this phase that she made another guy friend. They started chatting a lot and I was okay with that.

When I went to Delhi, I found something was weird about her. She had changed. She hesitated when I touched her. Anyway, I went back to Bangalore and she, apparently went for a girls only trip. It was a lie.

I found out that boys were also there. After the trip, she started ignoring me. She blocked my number and when I called her at 3 am from a friend's number, her phone was busy.

The next morning I called her and she told me she was talking to a friend in Delhi. Next day, I tried calling her again and it was busy. I bought 4 sims and starting blackmailing her; I told her if she speaks to someone post midnight, I will make all our private photos, public.

I felt so guilty because I loved her.

Then, her best friend started telling her to stay away from me. He sympathized with her and told her I am dumb. I have gone to meet her many times but she refuses to see me. I message her everyday apologizing but get no response. 

Author's Note:

I don’t know what to do, how do I tell her I love her?