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I Loved Her With All My Heart But She Chose A Married Man Over Me: It Changed Me Forever

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This happened to me 2 years ago and the pain is still as fresh as the day she left me.

I had recently joined an MNC. We had both got a transfer to Bangalore and were working on the same project. I remember the day I first saw her; she was an ordinary girl. Not too beautiful, belonged to the middle class. Since we were on the same project we started interacting more often.

Slowly, I became really fond of her; her independent aura, how she took decisions and followed through. I fell for her without even knowing it. For the first time in my life my heart was not in my control. With the very sight of her, my heart skipped a beat.

As we started spending more and more time with each other, I thought she had developed feelings for me too. I started flirting with her and make jokes about us being together. It was all very subtle.

She warned me then, she warned me not to fall in love with her. I stupidly replied saying, “If I fall in love with you, it will me my issue. Not yours.”

On one fateful day, I proposed to her. She cried and declined my proposal. I didn’t know what to do. This was the first time I had asked out a girl and to be rejected without a reason was heartbreaking. I insisted she tells me the reason at least.

She told me she was having an affair with her boss. Our boss. A married man.

I asked her what all of that meant in that case? Why were we spending so much time together? She replied saying, “You are a friend”. That was the last time I thought about being in love with any girl. Now I can’t feel that emotion. I moved on and other girls did come into my life but I am heartless now.

I have wronged many girls because of that one girl and I do feel guilty about it. 

I am sharing this story because I want girls to know that a playboy is born because his heart was broken once. He was once a genuine guy who loved truly. I also request guys to stop taking revenge, it is unfair and harms you in the long run. 

Lastly I want to say she was not wrong, someone was playing with her too. She was also cheated on. I don’t know what is right or wrong, you be the judge.

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