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I Loved Her For Seventeen Years And Then I Watched Her Go To Someone Else

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Trust is the biggest problem of our generation. Never. Ever. Ever. Trust anyone.

I used to love my childhood friend. We both were dating for seven years and had been best friends for almost seventeen years. Yet, my childhood friend, my dear, dear friend, he cheated on me. I never thought of writing all of this down, but today, I have to.

I have to express my sorrow, my grief, and my pain. All the pain that I’ve gone through. I don’t want anyone to go through the same kind of pain.

He and I were from the same school. It was great and after that, we went to different colleges, but we were in the same city, and things were going perfectly with us. As soon as college was over, my girlfriend went outside for her post-graduation. I stayed back in our city, I was waiting for another year to give my exams so I could get out of the city and be with her.

For the first time, we were in a long-distance relationship and we used to message and talk on the phone, as much as we could.

She missed me, loved me, I knew this; but everything changed when I heard about this guy for the first time. I tried not to be suspicious, or ask her enough questions about him to sound possessive, but none of this worked out for me.

One day, she came back home to me and told me that she wanted to break up with me. She said that she had lost all feelings for me.

I cried, begged her to give us another chance, but what she told me next shook the ground beneath my feet. She said she was dating that guy. They were involved with each other during the time that we were too.

They’ve even moved in together. She confessed this to me three months and seven days after we broke up.

I was a fool to trust her blindly. I used to believe her. Sometimes, I feel that it was my fault for loving her like this; for believing that my best friend would never cheat on me. Her last message to me was, “I didn’t go for a better option or for a better person, but for a relationship only because I lost faith in ours.”

I wonder what I did; I’m still left wondering- why did she say this? I never misbehaved, nor have I ever insulted her or disrespected her. I’ve only loved and cared for her, but she shattered my soul and left me wondering why I trusted her in the first place.


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