I Loved Her But She Just Made A Complete Fool Out Of Me

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 26 May, 2018

I am a slightly introverted guy and don’t usually make many friends. I have been working in the government sector for the past two years. I did not know what the future had in store for me. A girl joined our division after a few days. Both of us were allotted the same section and had to work together. So we had to sit beside each other. Initially, I didn't have any feelings for her.

I didn’t like girls and had no experience with them. So I didn’t talk much with her.

But as time passed I started developing feelings for her because she was such a cute, innocent and jolly type of a girl.

I would watch her quietly and observe the way she behaved in different situations.

It took me a year to share my feelings for her. I was not sure if she would accept my feelings but when she said she felt the same way for me too on Valentine’s Day, I was on cloud nine. She was my first love and the second lady in my life. The first lady of my life is my mother.

We had been in a relationship for only a few months when I realized her true nature. I didn’t know why she changed so much suddenly. Our relationship started worsening. I tried to talk to her many times. I wanted to sort out things between us so I did my best to patch up with her but she never listened to me.

She had got into the habit of using me. Whenever something went wrong in her life or she needed some kind of support she would come to me and ask me for help.

I would always help her out because I loved her from the bottom of my heart. But whenever I needed her support she would start shouting at me instead of helping me.

I was deeply depressed for almost four months because I was getting affected by her behaviour.

I didn’t have anyone else to share my feelings with so I took psychological help from a counsellor. I wanted to come out of what I was going through.  She too knew what I was going through but was not at all worried about it.

She would always think of herself and use the people around her according to her convenience.

After some time her marriage was fixed. She got married and settled down in her life. After a few months, she told me that she was not happy with her marriage. Her in-laws and her husband were misbehaving with her. She said she had done her best to adjust but was not able to cooperate with them.

She was very sad about all the things that were happening in her life. I felt very bad for her because I still had a soft corner for her.

I said, “If you are not happy with your marriage then move out of it. We can start a new life with each other. I will always be with you and will always stand by you.” She was ready to do this but wanted some time to think about it before taking her final decision. I was ready to give her as much time as she wanted.

But later on, I realized that she has used me again. I had helped her come out of this phase after which she started ignoring me and insulting me again.

After a while, she got a transfer. Again she asked me to help her out. And like a fool I helped her out till the day she got relieved. I helped her to the best of my ability but this lady was so practical that she didn't even call or message me before leaving for the station. When I told her this she shifted all the blame to me.

Only later on did I come to know from other people that she had deliberately been using me for her own benefit since the very beginning. She had played with my emotions to get her work done. She had even discussed this with other people.

I then came to know that she had indulged in several physical relationships with other people here for her own selfish reasons. She had hidden all this from me.

At first, I couldn't believe all the things that I was hearing about her.

I had always thought of her as a very innocent girl. I could not accept the fact that she was putting on a pretence in front of me. I had known her for the past two years. I had never crossed the line with her and had never touched her.

But I felt I knew her.

When people kept proving things to me I felt as if someone had pulled the ground from under my feet. I was so shocked that I could not speak for a long time. I almost collapsed when I came to know about all the things that she had done to other people.

I had always considered that lady to be a good human being.

I don’t know how I fell in love a person like her even though she always used me to her advantage. How could she have so many physical relationships behind my back and then pretend to be a victim of the situation in front of me? I was convinced that she was a good girl. I still could not believe the things I was seeing and hearing about her.

I loved her so much that I thought she was actually a nice person. I didn’t realize that she was just pretending to be nice.
Author's Note:

I am writing this because I have no one to share this with. I don’t know how to move on from this experience.

Editor's Note:

Let’s just learn from such people/experiences and dismiss them from our lives. Why do we waste our emotions over such people? Why do we let one sour experience ruin the beauty of our lives? Let’s learn to trust and love again so that we are able to enjoy all our other wondrous relationships. Let’s share this story because it takes all kinds of people to make up this world and all kinds of experiences for our true personality to emerge.