I Love Her But I Have To Let Her Go And It's Okay

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 16 August, 2017

I am sharing this today, in order to face my guilt and pain. It's my second time. Yes, for some people who won't believe that you can love for the second time, I am the one who was fortunate for some time, whom life gave an opportunity for the second time until the world ruined it. My first girlfriend betrayed me for some other guy.

I spent 2 years in depression and tried to move on. Then I met her. She was my rescuer. We were studying in the same class and we started chatting because of the introduction on the class group on WhatsApp.

She had shared a puzzle on the group and in curiosity for the correct answer, I messaged her personally. We started chatting from that day onwards. Little that we know that our virtual friendship would bring us to such a point that we couldn't live without chatting with each other. Days passed and our friendship grew stronger. She is a sensitive girl, who will stand by everyone's side when needed. I found a true friend in her. Honesty and charm which is barely seen in anyone these days was found in abundance in her.

One day I got to know from a mutual friend that she liked me. I was more nervous than happy. I liked her too. I finally ended up proposing her, after having a lot of discussion on the same topic. Her happiness knew no bounds. Trying not to be clingy, I asked her to take her own time and make her decision. She did take her time and finally, she agreed.

Time passed by, and so our relationship started nurturing. She belongs to a conservative family where the parents don't even allow daughters to step their feet outside the home after 7 pm, forget about coming to trips and parties. I always respected her and her parents’ opinion.

But our happiness didn't last longer. Maybe the world wasn't happy with our bonding. Some quarrels already brought a lot of misunderstandings between us. The rest of the fire was fuelled by the people. She didn't trust me at all. I was calm and honest as I believed that our relationship should be based on honesty. But I never knew that this could result in so many troubles between us.

When friends tried to convince us for the breakup, we broke up on a 30 minute phone call. I am trying since two months to clear the misunderstandings between us but she has turned cold. I love her a lot but now I don't want to create any more problems for her. I have no option now other than to let her go.