I Left My Childhood Love To Marry Someone Else And It Turned Out To Be The Best Decision Of My Life

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 20 June, 2017

People say that one can’t forget his first love- that’s how beautiful it is. I met my first love when I changed my school in the third standard. That’s when it all started. In the beginning, it was tough- new school, new environment and no friends. I kind of felt lonely. I became friends with this guy from my school who also happened to be my classmate. And soon this friendship turned to love (my first childhood love).

I know it sounds funny - love at this minor age. But it did happen to me. We were neighbors and thus had the same bus route. He was the only one who could make me laugh. We used to play and study together, had those stupid childish fights and what not. I always knew that he loved me too.

We didn’t even realize how time passed. We were soon in seventh grade. His parents changed his school. I never wanted that. I was sad. But this didn’t end our story. His best friend who traveled in my bus told me that he too missed me. I was so happy that day.


When I was in class 9th, he proposed me. Of course I said yes. We were having the best time together. He treated me like a princess. But this time passed soon. I passed my high school exams and went for my 4 year degree program. We were still together, seeing a forever. But I didn’t know this won’t last for long.

He became possessive. He didn’t want me hanging out with my friends, exploring new things alone or meeting my friends for dinner. I felt like I was trapped by him. I wanted to be free. After all, I was an independent girl.

All this started frustrating me soon. I met a new guy from my college and started dating him. Though I knew we had no future together, but still I wanted to experience love, companionship, freedom all at the same time. My first love got to know that I was cheating on him and he decided to break up with me. He was with some other girl from the very next day. That was the worst moment. We had no conversation for the next one year. I came to know that he was dating some girl who was from my school. I was free now.

I was exploring life on my own. I met a guy in the metro. We started talking on the phone. He looked simple, sophisticated and handsome. He approached me and we started dating. He wanted me to marry him as soon as possible. But I was just in my fourth year of college. I wasn’t ready for marriage.

But destiny had some other plans for me. My family came to know about my affair and because they liked him. Our families got us engaged soon. Our marriage date was set to be seven months later. I was in the final semester of my college. I got to know that there was some connection between my childhood love and my fiance.

My friends got to know about this and asked me if I still loved him. My answer was yes. All of us started making plans to cancel my wedding. I got in touch with my first love again. He told me that even he loved me and I shouldn’t marry my fiance. I got distracted.

It is rightly said that love is blind. I behaved the same. I was so in love with him that I wasn’t able to make the right decision.

That night while sitting alone, I realized that though I loved someone else, there was some other man who was waiting for me and who was a perfect partner to me. I made the decision of choosing my fiance because he loved me so much. I couldn’t see a future with my ex. I decided to move on with my fiance and trust me this turned out to be the best decision of my life. Even though it was so difficult for me to leave behind my beautiful childhood memories and move on but somehow I did it and I am happy now. 

There were only 20 days left for my marriage. Everyone was stressed. I don’t know what but something changed my mind. I asked my ex if he could marry me. His answer came as a shock to me. He rejected the proposal by saying that he couldn't think of settling down before 27. I was heartbroken. I was in tears.

It’s been three years since I have been married. I am a mother now. He is the love of my life. I do think about my ex sometimes. But I don’t get upset now. Some people are not meant for each other. And it is not worth trying to fix them.
Author's Note:

Marriage isn't about finding someone you love the most. Marry somebody who loves you more, who understands you and who you can grow with.

Editor's Note:

Share this story so that everyone knows that if a person loves you, he will never let you go, no matter how hard the situation may be.