I Knew I Was Just Another Puppet For My Girlfriend

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 3 August, 2017

I never told her about my feelings. I will never forget that day when I heard from her after 7 long years. Yeah. She was my childhood friend.

My friend told me that she was dating one of our school friends. I knew this guy very well. For him women were just a piece of flesh to eat.

I sent her a request on Facebook and she accepted it.

At that time, she was in an ‘on and off’ relationship with her boyfriend.

Within 2 weeks I proposed to her and started calling her. But she refused to talk to me.

She preferred to exchange warm words with her so-called boyfriend.

But I didn’t want to give up. I knew very well that she was not happy and was feeling lonely and depressed. I made another Facebook id and started talking to her.

I thought it was my good luck when she started responding to me. We were talking throughout the day. I was getting more and more attracted towards her. I was slowly falling in love with her.

She told me everything about herself without knowing my real identity.

But one day I told her the truth. I told her I loved her just for her friendship. I told her that I had done all these things.

She was very angry with me at first. But finally she agreed. 28th June 2014 was a special day. We were happy and did everything in the relationship.

But slowly things started getting worse. She lived in a hostel and I was busy with my studies. The long distance relationship became worse because of lack of communication from my side.

I think it was my first and last mistake that I never explained the strong feelings that I had for her.

Actually I am protective but not possessive. We met one day. I just asked her for her phone. She said “No.” It seemed as if there was something secret in her phone. But I ignored her because I wanted her to have her personal space.

After my exams, one day she texted me with this message: “I am a drug addict!” I was shocked.

I knew very well that by giving her enough love and by emotionally blackmailing her and threatening her I could get her to stop taking drugs.

God is kind but not with me.

My girlfriend confuses me. I think she is in touch with her ex.

I don’t know if she has had sex with him or not. Then there is another guy. She has had phone sex with him not once or twice but many times. And the confession day was my birthday! I was totally bursting with anger for her…..you are a s***, a prostitute and cheating is in your blood.

But you know the best thing about a break up? “Our brain wants it but not our heart!”

After a few months, she suddenly started talking to me. But as always, it was on her terms. We discussed about her life. I was nothing more than a puppet for her. A puppet that was ready to do anything to get her back into my life.

Suddenly she decided to stop talking to me. Bye.
Author's Note:

Now I am an engineer who loves alcohol and drugs instead of fake people. Just see my madness that I liked her amongst all the other girls. Even now I wish her all the happiness. I still wish to become a part of her life. Even this wish reminds me of her.

Editor's Note:

When we truly love a person, we will forgive all their mistakes. But when our love is spurned the pain is unbearable. Share this story so that this young man gets the courage to move on with his life.