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I Kept Watching Her Son Visit Her In The ICU And I Learnt The Biggest Lesson About Love

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*For representational purpose only.

I have a patient admitted to the ICU. This story is about her and her young son. 

A few days ago, she was brought in an unresponsive state. She had had a cardiac arrest and there was no activity in the heart. We started chest compressions and artificial breathing, along with DC shock with a defibrillator. We were able to get her heart started and we shifted her to the ICU. Although we put her on life support, her neurological outcome was poor. 

All these days, her son came by. He is an ideal, loving, caring son. He just stood there, always trying to talk to her, taking his cheek to her lips so she could kiss him like she always does. 

Then he brought a note for his mother one day and placed it next to her. After he did, he came by to sign the DNR. It's short for 'Do Not Resuscitate'. Eventually, when her heart stops on its own, we will not attempt to revive her again. That's what it means. 

There's a reason why I'm sharing this story with you. I know that you have a lot of love to express to a very important person in your life. It could be a friend, a lover, or even someone in your immediate family. And I know that you're not going to become vulnerable for no reason and express yourself like that. You mostly won't feel the need to because it's understood that you love the other person, or simply because it's taken for granted. 

Only, ask yourself this- if they are no more tomorrow, would you be able to live with the regret of not telling them how much you really love them? 

So, I want to tell you what was in that note next to the mother in the ICU. It said:

Mom, you are special. 

You have been the essence of my life even before I opened my eyes to this beautiful world. Your tender touch and loving gestures still make me feel warm, secure, and dearly loved. Mom, as I look back upon the years gone by, life has always been blissful in the shade of your love. 

Today, I would like to thank you for all your little acts of greatness, when you added your magical touch to my small but significant steps in my life. You've always encouraged me and lent a helping hand whenever I lost my confidence and instilled the thought that I could overcome just about everything.

You make me realize that I could count on you anywhere, anytime. I may not have thanked you enough but I want you to know that you are my most prized gift from God. You are my divine angel.


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