I Helped My Sister With The Love Of Her Life Just So She Could Leave Me Behind Like This

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 6 August, 2017

I am a middle class girl staying with my family in Mumbai. We were five siblings and I was the 4th one. My father passed away when I was 4. I wasn't so close to my two brothers. I was the closest to my second eldest sister. She was more of a best friend and a mother to me.

My mother couldn't give me all the attention as she was busy taking care of the job. I was close to both my elder sisters and had the most beautiful time of my life with them. I spoke very little with my brothers. My eldest sister started working and was a helping hand to mom. She soon got married. Then I looked up to my other sister. She was so close to me and we shared a very good bond.

One day I got to know that she had a boyfriend who was a Muslim. I was 16 years old. I tried to make her understand that this was going to be a huge problem as we belonged to a very conservative family and she broke up with him. I knew him as he was our neighbour. I knew that boy from my childhood but his impression wasn't good at my house. During that period of their breakup, I realized that they actually loved each other and from that day onwards I never told her to break up with him. I supported her in every phase of her love life. We three were good together.


My sister was hard working and her whole day was very busy. We both hardly got any time to spend with each other as she started her job and I was also busy with my studies and part time job. We used to meet at night just to eat together and sleep.

A few years passed and somehow it came into my mother's notice. She felt bad. I felt bad but realised that somewhere I am also betraying my mom. She couldn't believe it and was very disheartened. I was the only person to support my sister, no one else did and everyone knew that I had a very good relation with my second sister. I decided to support my sister but in a good way and gave her some good ideas to impress mom and convince her. I don't know where I lacked and suddenly after two years she announced that she'd married him in a court and it has been a year. The next day she planned to live with him. I was shattered then.

I wondered how I would be handling this at home. I wanted to spend time with her and I felt lonely but didn't express. She promised to stay in touch. I couldn't speak to her for a month as she had left her phone at home. Her husband wasn't answering my calls either. As days passed, I tried my best to handle the situations at my home. I patiently waited during this time. I faced a very difficult situation at my home.

My mother had asked me to never talk to my sister. She had high expectations from me. After a month she called me and asked about the situation and told that she is missing everyone.

Later we met thrice in a month near my office. I couldn't see her face as she wore a burkha. I felt weird as I wanted to see her. I just smiled and controlled my emotions. Few months later I started visiting her home and saw her new place. I was missing my older sister as I felt she had changed. But I accepted. But one day she gave me the worst shock when I found out that my contact number was blocked. Few days later I called her husband and I had a verbal fight over the phone with him. He said that I was creating a problem in their lives and irritating his wife. Few days later my sister called me and said that I should not talk to her. I tried to convince her but she cried and disconnected my call.

Days passed and I tried convincing her to talk to me. I tried every possible way but I found my number to be blocked which still makes me mad every time. I can't accept it, that I lost my sister because of a guy. I just want her to talk to me and nothing else. I was thrown as if I meant nothing to her. I am not getting over it, as this thing is affecting me in every manner. I can't dare to accept the truth that I hate her husband and I lost my sister.