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I Have Always Been A Good Daughter But I Can't Stop My Parents From Doing This To Me

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I was not so grown up to understand why my mom hated me so much. Just day by day, it was clear to me that I came to her at the wrong time and ruined her career. As a little girl, I figured that I could never get affection from her. She became jealous of my beauty.

If my friends by any chance told her that "Aunty, you are more gorgeous than Anushri," she would smile as if she had won a war.

At that time my dad was busy with his office and friends. He could barely understand my condition. I was a topper throughout my school life but never felt proud because of that, just because my so-called family didn't think these as achievements.

After my first serious relationship, whenever my boyfriend came to my house, my mom tried to show him that she was tremendously affectionate towards me and won his heart. In my absence, she used to call him to our house and try to get news from my life. I could see the intentions behind all these.

Very often, she talked about my weaknesses in front of him and thought that she was making me weak.

After my dad retired, he understood the situation a little bit. But for him, I am just a result making machine. My diseases, my demands, even my puja shopping is my responsibility and not his. Despite having a lot of money, he hardly spends any of it on me. He just says that he expects more and more from me.

All these things have made me a mental patient with a heap of medicines. I am still a topper and my strength is me.

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