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I Got Married To A Mumma's Boy Who Can Never Be A Good Husband Or Father

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I got married at a very young age of 22. It was a perfect arranged marriage. Every thing was fine in the beginning. My husband is 8 years older than me. I thought he will take care of me but I was proved wrong.

He is a mumma’s boy. Every step in his life is guided by his mother. He has two demons as sisters. They have troubled me the most and made my life miserable. They stole my jewellery and sarees when I had been to my mother’s house during my first pregnancy. My husband used to be a mere spectator.

He is such a brainless man. He would blindly support his mom and sisters. His sisters are given a lot preference for every single thing that happens in the house. They have their own families but they prefer interfering in their brother’s life. It was pathetic when my husband  took his sisters everywhere we went.

I got so fed up that I stopped going out with my husband. But he continues going out with his sisters and their children. Another bad habit my husband has is that he discusses every thing with his sisters.

I am blessed with two children. I’m afraid that my husband doesn’t believe in saving. As soon as his salary gets credited to his account, he makes sure that he spends everything within ten days. He has a decent job but he makes no good use of it. He doesn’t even let me hire a helper to take care of the house.

I was under tremendous physical and mental pressure. After giving birth to my son, my mother in-law didn’t let me take care of my son. She expected me to wake up early and start with the household chores. We had guests visiting us 24/7. I used to get very tired cooking for all of them. So somehow I explained it to my husband that it was getting very difficult to stay with his family. I requested him to rent a small house nearby. We did shift but my husband feels very guilty as he feels he has not fulfilled his duties as a son. His mom and sisters often emotionally tie him up and make him feel guilty.

It’s been 18 years of our married life but he is never happy with me and our children. I try to make him happy by cooking his favourite food. I also arrange parties at home. But he is never happy. He seems least interested in anything.

Even now he wants to sit with his mother and sisters. My children are growing up and have got used to his behaviour. Sadly they have got used to the bad attitude of their father. He happily takes his sisters and their children to all the places but never shows such commitment towards his own children and wife. He hates my parents. He doesn’t even have close friends.

Please give me your valuable suggestions so that my children get loved by their so-called father.

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