I Genuinely Love Her But I Have To Let Her Go Because Life Has Different Plans

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 8 September, 2017

This story is not just about love but also about how love can blossom at a place where there is no scope of finding true love. I was working as an intern in a company while I was doing my engineering. We all had to go in for training for a period of 6 months. After this we had to report to our colleges.

The majority of the interns were boys but there were a few girls too. Amongst these girls was a very beautiful girl. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen so far in my life. I am a guy with average looks and had never been in a relationship before. Somehow I believed in the myth that only handsome men or cute looking boys got the opportunity to date beautiful ladies.

I never thought that I would enter into any kind of relationship. I thought that the girl I would end up marrying would be my first and last love. But destiny always has something else in store for us. I still remember the day I saw her for the very first time. She had beautiful eyes and a cute smile. She was full of anxiety. She wanted to see everything practically so that she could relate it to all the mugging up that we did from our engineering books.


We met casually and met quite often within the group. This continued until one day, we exchanged numbers for some work. And that is when it all started. She belonged to an upper middle-class army family. I belonged to a middle-class family. Our thoughts, on life in general, were quite similar. I would do certain things that she liked and she would do some things just for me so that I felt good about it.

Slowly and steadily our bond became so strong that we fell in love with each other. We barely talked in front of the other interns. So none of them knew about our relationship. But our eyes kept talking to each other.

Love was in the air for both of us. She brought me a gift on my birthday and gave it to me with her most beautiful smile. We both decided to spend the day together that day. The day passed by perfectly and in order to confirm our love for each other, we thought of taking it to the next level. She wanted to kiss me on my birthday but we were in the premises of the company and did not dare to do any such thing.

So, in the evening, when everyone was about to leave, we kept walking around the premises. We reached a place which was very quiet. Nobody used that path to go out. We kept walking. We could feel the warmth of being together when our hands touched while walking.


Suddenly it started raining and we rushed to find shelter. It was the most perfect moment of my life because it was raining heavily, nobody was around and the most beautiful lady wanted to be with me.

I looked into her eyes. She kept looking downwards. I pulled her eyes up and brought her closer to me and kissed her. We could feel each other’s heart throbbing and pulsating rapidly.

The rush of adrenaline was so high that we forgot that we were in the premises of a reputed company. It was as if the rain was playing cupid with us. We loved each other when it rained for that half an hour. That was when our love story began. We went for dates and for movies. We just loved each other like a mad couple.

When we completed our internship she went back to her place. Our relationship now became a long distance one. Everything was like a dream and surprisingly I learned something new every day. Soon it showed me the real ‘me’.

I wondered about who I was and whether I was capable enough for her. Due to our long distance relationship, we could not talk properly like our earlier days when she was staying in Delhi. We would fight and she would say that, “It is not working out. Let’s end this relationship!” I could not bear the pain of leaving her and would start crying. She would then forgive me.

But then something happened and this ended everything on the very day that everything had started. We had completed one year that day. I made a video for her in which I had sung her favourite songs for her. I also apologized for not being able to spend time together. I wanted it to be a surprise for her, so I sent it to her roommate. But on seeing the video, she ended our relationship and stopped talking to me for months. I cried, begged and did everything to get her back.

Then I realized that no book, no teacher, no school, no college and nobody can teach us some things in life. I realized that LOVE IS NOT A STRING OR A STRAP WHICH WE CAN FORCEFULLY TIE ONTO THE PERSON WE WANT IN OUR LIFE. IT IS A BEAUTIFUL FEELING THAT NEEDS TO BE CHERISHED. ONLY THE RELATIONSHIP ENDS, THE LOVE NEVER DIES.

After almost one long year of pain, I moved out of my past. I told myself that life is a book. We get to open new chapters everyday and learn something new. Our relationship ended but not our friendship.

She realized that dumping me was her biggest mistake and that my love had made her feel special about herself. We are friends now. She does feel for me and I too feel for her but we both know that we can’t meet again because we work in different states.
Author's Note:

I am not able to find the answers to some questions. Was I a loser when she dumped me? What was my mistake? What should I have done at that time to save my relationship? Readers, please help me find the answers to my questions.

Editor's Note:

This mature young lad has not allowed any bitterness to creep into his concept of love. Share this story because the insights he shares are really worth thinking about.