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I Fell In Love With A Married Woman: I'm Nowhere On Her Priority List

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*For representational purpose only.

Hey! I'm a 26-year-old guy. I fell in love with a married woman who was 35 years old. She was happily settled with her family. She had a son and a daughter.

We met through her husband. Earlier I used to go to their place once a week. Her husband and I were good friends despite our age difference.

She and I went out for a movie together when her husband told her to go out with me. Things were very smooth till the time I didn't have feelings for her.

We started exchanging messages on WhatsApp day and night. Then they had to shift to another city all of a sudden. I was happy to talk to her and even she was. I started feeling bad about staying away from her.

Then in winters we planned to go out on a trip. There we got closer to each other. One day we went to the beach with her kids. Her husband didn’t accompany us as he was not well. I had feelings towards her but had not told her. I expressed that I never wanted to leave her as she was a very good friend of mine.

Her reply made me feel that she too was interested in me. I was happy that I had her in my life. All over the trip we used to hold each other's hands. We used to talk to each other every other day and night.

Then the trip came to an end. We went back and still three more months were left before she had to settle in another city. The night I reached back, I told her that I saw her as more than a friend.

She asked me to sleep and that we would talk the next day. Anxiously I called her at night. She dropped the call saying that she too felt the same about me and that we will talk the next day.

Following few days were the best days of my life. I was on leave from my office. I started living in her house because I was going out for a month and her husband was also going to another city but she had stayed back.

We shared few intimate moments with each other. Then I had to leave for a month. The previous night, I spent close to five hours with her. We held each other's hands and we kissed.

Next one month was full of desire, passion, love and care. We were far from each other but we knew that we would meet after a month when her husband would not be there at home.

I told her that I didn't want to share her with her husband. The day I came back, she came to pick me up from the airport.

We went outside and kissed each other for minutes. I also started sneaking in her house at nights while her husband was away and after the kids fell asleep.

Her husband soon got to know about us and the distance between them grew. They started fighting very often. Her behaviour soon started changing towards me. 

Her husband had informed her parents about our affair. She was too scared and started suggesting that this won't work out between us. Her priorities got shifted towards her husband and her children. 

I was very possessive about her and controlled her. I felt upset when she was no more listening to me. I had loved her and soon my love became an obsession. She tried to convince me hundreds of times that this won't work out. She herself stopped the video calls. 

We spoke over phone calls once in a while. She was angry, disgusted and afraid all at once. I failed to see the love for me. 

I tried my best to sustain this relationship. But she washed her hands in my river of love and swam across the other side. I am nowhere in her priority list. The best option she suggests every now and then is to leave her. I am killing my happiness for her love and she says nothing.

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