I Fell In Love With A Guy Who Didn’t Even Exist In The First Place

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*For representational purpose only.

This is me, Ananya.

I was just another happy and carefree girl who was living my silly life, until the day I met Abi. We met through a mutual friend. The first time I saw him, I was crushing after my senior and Abi were all words about why I should just enjoy my single life. He said that the guy didn't deserve me and told me his own sad story about how his girlfriend, Gopika cheated on him. He had a charm.

That night, he got my number from our mutual friend and texted me. As days went on, our chats grew more frequent and shifted to late night calls where we would just talk this and that.  One day, he said that he loved me.

I was not ready for a relationship then but he was ready to wait until I felt the same.

He would say 'I love you’ making those cute gestures and I would go silent. He even wrote my name in his blood and it scared the hell out of me. But he was very caring, loving, and most of all, a good friend.

The day came when I finally confessed my love for him too. It was my birthday and I had told him that I loved him too. He was on cloud nine. We were so happy together in those times. We would meet every day and go out at the weekends.

We were that perfect couple who was envied by all. We never fought. It was too good to be real.

Somewhere, I should have doubted him when I never met any of his friends or that we were keeping this relationship a bit low key for my liking. But, oh, I was in love and he was my perfect boyfriend.

My family consists of my mom and a younger brother. My dad passed away six years ago. Abi always knew how sensitive I was about my dad and how much I missed him. He vowed that he would always take care of me and never let me miss my dad. We were open about everything.

He knew about my past relationships and all I ever wanted from him was honesty.

He promised that whatever might happen he would never cheat and always be honest with me. Months passed by and he said that he mentioned me to his father. I was beaming with happiness when his father agreed to our marriage. Things were always good between us and there were still no fights.

It was as if we were living a really perfect life or a fool's paradise, as I would call it now.

It was the 10th month of our relationship and in between, he had joined for a course at Bangalore. Still, we were happy. We really took long distance relationship goals to a new level. He would come down every weekend to meet me and the late night calls, texts, chats, everything was just perfect. I would hear stories about his friends but still, I never met any of them. But we were living our adventurous life, we would meet every other day and I really didn't want to share him with friends then.

We made plans for Valentine's Day but he couldn't come home from Bangalore. At the same time, I heard my classmate named Carol who was Gopika’s friend mentioned that Abi and Gopika had made plans for a movie later this week. I thought to myself, “Oh maybe, Carol is kidding, or Gopika lied to her.” I never believed her for a second. Why should I?

I had my perfect boyfriend and had no reasons to doubt him.

Even in the past, whenever the matter of Gopika came up, he would always say that he really wasn’t interested in talking about her and that she was the worst thing that had ever happened to him. He even told me that she was a slut, man-hungry bitch and had two affairs while being committed to him. He had even seen her nude pictures in his friend's phones and that’s why we didn’t need to talk about such a girl and ruin our day. Well, I couldn't agree more. I had the image of her as a cheating girl and knew that Abi hated Gopika. I was secured in my relationship.

So when I heard about their movie plans, I confronted him and Abi said that there was no such thing, either Carol or Gopika was making up stories. That matter ended right there with me believing him as usual. But a few weeks later, Gopika met with an accident and Carol told me about it.

She also said that Abi was engaged to Gopika for the past 5 years.

I asked Abi again and he said that they were just gossiping and I shouldn't talk to Carol. Abi's cousin was also admitted to the same hospital and we went there. I saw Gopika too but Abi just stood outside Gopika's room, saying he wouldn't come. I met and spent some time with her and came back. I didn't like her, maybe because I had these previous images put in my brain by him.

Abi went back to Bangalore and things were pretty normal for a while. But the texts and calls reduced. Even I was busy with my studies, so I wasn't worried. But when the frequency of his messages turned to one or two per day, I started telling him that we need to talk more. But he would never reply. This went on for some time. Then one day, a marriage proposal came for me and I told this to Abi just like every other news we shared. I thought he would laugh or tease me but that day, he really replied after not keeping contact for many days. He said that I should think about the proposal. Things were getting out of his hand and when he told his mother about us, she didn't agree. And since he was the single child to her mother, he wouldn't go against her wishes. So I needed to move on. I was shell-shocked.

Here I was, expecting a laugh but got a breakup sign instead.

I told him that we would wait until her mom changed her. We would both try to convince her how much we loved each other. But he wouldn't agree to any. He kept on saying that we couldn’t be in a relationship anymore and I was shattered. The next day again I tried to convince him but he revealed that he was younger than me and had lied to me about his age the first day. And his mother would never agree to let him marry a girl older than him. I felt numb. How could he lie to me? I cried the whole night. Even then I told him that we could at least try, how could he just break up like that.

He was saying all those dialogues that I should live happily and that we could be friends from now on.

I couldn't function. How could he let me down so easily? Was he the same guy who promised to love me his whole life? I loved him enough to fight for us and I called his mother. His father took the call and asked, “Who Ananya?” He didn't know any Ananya and Ta-Da, the first lie. All those words about his father agreeing and asking about me, everything was a lie.

Then his father said that I might be mistaken as his son was engaged to be married. This time I had no way but to believe his father. In shaking voice I asked if it was with Gopika. His father confirmed and told me to leave things be and move on with life as these things happen nowadays.

I called Gopika. She didn't believe me. She was so sure her Abi would never cheat on her. Later she called me and said Abi told her what a man hunting bitch I was and asked me to leave them alone. Both of them blocked me in all their social accounts. I guess they are still together. And that's my story.

I don't know if I can trust someone now. I have been scarred for life. The guy I loved, he didn't even exist.

But I'm sure that he has been cheating her regularly. He is so efficient that both of us never got a doubt. Where was Gopika when he would call me every single night and chatted every other minute?

I am waiting for Karma.

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