She First Made Me Give Up On My Life And Then Left Me Like This For A Reason I'll Never Know

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 19 May, 2017

I was in a relationship for the last 5.5 years. We had lots of fight but our bonding was so strong that nothing else mattered. I came from a lower middle class family and she belonged to a rich family. People thought, including her family members, that I was interested in her financial assets and money but that was totally wrong.

She had faced many problems in her life where the family had to drop all the luxuries of life but I never left her. I stood by her through all her thick and thins.

She herself asked me to leave when she had lost all her money and assets but I chose to stand with her.

I still remember the day she had to leave all her luxuries behind and was made to settle down in some other city due to personal family problems. It was her birthday and I just wanted to make her feel special. I booked tickets despite the financial crunch and joined her on her birthday to make her feel that she was not alone and she had somebody by her side to take care of her.

Things got normal soon and they came back to their own house and the same city. I was the happiest person again. Things were looking up. I finally cleared my CA exams after a lot of hurdles.

Then I went for campus placements and got placed in one of the reputed companies in India for chartered accountants with a handsome package. I interacted with a few girls during my post qualification course and even helped them in getting a job but I you couldn't have called it friendship. They were just acquaintances. 

The fight started again. She asked me to not take up the job or else she'd break up with me. Without thinking of my parents, I dropped my job and mailed the organisation that I won't be joining and I started my CA practice aware of the fact that it was a struggle. It required minimum 5 years to settle down and you would not earn a single penny during this waiting period. However, the outflow of money may start as you will be opening a new office, which my middle class family would most probably not be able to afford.

Struggling to figure something out in my city with CA practice and continuous fights with her, I was frustrated. After all this, I suddenly received a message from her that she was no longer with me and she had left the city. She was out in search of a job for herself and it all made me feel like I ruined my life myself. 

I kept trying to contact her and somehow I managed to track her city. She had a job in another city and she ignored me like anything. She was posting updates on social media that she was enjoying her life and thereafter, I also managed to fly off to that city just to check what was going on in her life.

I was stunned to see that she was with one of my friends. On further inquiry, I realised that my friend who acted as my well wisher had manipulated her into being with him. He stole my girlfriend from me. I later got to know many personal things about them and just like that, all things just came to a standstill for me.

Ultimately, the girl I loved the most showered me with all her abuses and made fun of the problems I had shared with her. Her words were so rude that I went numb. I met with an accident that day and I'm on bed rest for 2 months. I lost everything in my life and topped the list myself.