I Confessed My love And She Laughed At Me

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 10 August, 2017

We were schoolmates and best friends. I once confessed to her about my feelings towards her. I confessed my love and she laughed at me. I was silent for a while as I felt embarrassed.

Finally, she gave me the sweetest gift by reciprocating to my feelings. I was so happy. Since many years, we loved each other. We were connected by calls and messages, irrespective of our geographical distance.

One day when I received her letter, I thought that she wanted to meet me. I was anticipating something good. But she wrote, ‘forget me and leave me alone.’ I was wondering what went wrong. I tried to call her the whole night but failed to talk to her. I finally spoke with her the next day. I knew that she sounded very disgusted and asked me to leave her alone.


After 4 years, when I went to pursue my higher studies, one of her friends said that my former girlfriend was asking for my number. I passed on my number to her. I got a missed call from her. I was elated and danced thinking about us getting back together. The memories collided and I was very hopeful about our future together.

When I tried talking to her, she asked me who I was. I feel so dejected and confused wondering what went wrong? I still miss her so much. I still hope that she comes back to me.