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I Chose My Boyfriend Over My Best Friend And It Was The Best Decision Of My Life 

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My best friend and I were friends since class 8. We shared a beautiful bond and I started developing a soft corner for him.

Meanwhile, he got engaged with one of our mutual friends. I was somehow happy. Little did I know that their relationship would become the worst thing in my life. I used to see them hanging out together, kissing, cuddling and that made me jealous.

With the passage of time, I started ignoring it and got into a relationship with one of my friends. Well, that didn't work out for several reasons. The most important one was his mother's interference. Ironically, my best friend and I broke up with our respective lovers at the same time. We started interacting with each other again.

However, somewhere down the line I realised that we cannot get into a relationship. Meanwhile, I got into a relationship with another guy and he loved me like anything but I was not sure about it.

One day, I was chatting with my best friend in the evening and suddenly we spoke about kissing each other. We both were tensed but the tension did not stay long. It seemed like I probably longed for this love and affection. This was a different kind of intimacy.

No one knew about our secret relationship. These kissing and intimacy scenes continued for years until one day I realised the truth.

One of our friends invited us to her house. My best friend blatantly told her that I will not come to her house. Hearing this I was disappointed and yes, jealous too! I stopped talking to him, hoping that he would approach me and we will sort things out. Sadly, he did not meet my expectations.

He did not even inform me that he is moving to Mumbai. I texted him to know about his whereabouts and sort things out. Our conversation was short and again I started hoping that things would fall into places. He did not meet me before leaving and did not contact me after moving to Mumbai. Even though he used to celebrate his other friends' birthdays, he never celebrated mine. This year, he did not even bother to wish me.

I failed to understand that it was my boyfriend who had been there for me in every situation and NOT my best friend. I use to follow my best friend's words, he used to say ‘only friends remain with you in every situation and not boyfriends.' Today, I realise, it was not the truth. The truth was the opposite.

I have not revealed anything to my boyfriend and do not wish to do so in future. I want us to be happy. 

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