I Am The 'Other Woman' In His Life And I'm Proud Of It

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 10 June, 2017

I still remember the date. 6th September, 2015, the day my life took a turn, for better or for worse. I was in my last year of graduation, and I fell in love.

The world stopped when he looked into my eyes for the first time. We began talking on social media regularly, and during this period I realised - he is the one for me. The person I fell in love with was my professor, who was married and had a child.

He confessed the truth to me in the beginning and hence, my trust for him soared up. I found him to be one of the most honest and genuine person. The fact that he was married proves me to be the marriage breaker in front of the world, but I have fallen in love with that man, and he has too.

Plenty of people have suggested me to leave him. They tell me the harsh truth again and again, “He is married. You have no future.”

And somewhere in my mind, even I know that the fact that he cannot be mine is the bitter reality of my life. My strong affection towards him makes it difficult to pull myself back, and I feel that if I’ve ever done something right in my life, it is falling in love with him.

I have to add that he is one of the best husbands his wife could ever have. He accepts her flaws, takes care of her, respects her, tries to be a good husband, but his wife is blind to all the efforts he puts into their marriage.

She is unnecessarily aggressive and short tempered. Yet, her husband always hopes that she would put in equal efforts in the marriage, but his hopes go in vain.

The fact that he is stuck in an emotionally abusive marriage, and that we being so compatible cannot share a life together breaks my heart.

She is a lucky woman to be blessed with such great in-laws and a humble husband, but she does not deserve the amazing life that she’s living. While his life has been made a mess by his wife, I’m his power house of love and energy, and he has shown me the meaning of love.

It has been two years since we’ve been together, and yet, no one understands the love that we share. His marriage is like a dark curtain over our pure love. Only my heart knows what this love means to me.

I know that someday reality will hit hard, and it will be the most painful day of my life. This love gets deeper and deeper every day, and the thought that this love has to die someday scares me.

People doubt his love by pointing out that if he loves me so much, why isn’t he ending his unsuccessful marriage? But divorce is not such a simple path to take. The laws here believe that a man can never be emotionally tortured by his wife, that the man can only be the culprit and never the victim. He cannot afford to fall in the legal mess, as he has a child and a family to look after.


People always say that I will have a better future if I leave him, but today I’ll answer all those questions.

I have chosen him because he makes me smile every moment, because he offers me his hand when I need the assurance that everything will be okay, because he calls me 'beautiful' even when I look like a mess. I have chosen him because he makes time for me whenever I need it in his busiest schedules, because he asks me how my day was, and cares about it, because he reminds me how much he loves me every day.

I have chosen him because he’s not just my boyfriend, I consider him my best friend, and my soulmate. 
Author's Note:

People ask me why have I fallen in love with a married man? One quote that I follow blindly is “Fall in love because love answers the most unsolvable question, conquers the most impossible quest that is life.” And I proudly state that I have no guilt inside me that I fell in love with a married man.

Editor's Note:

Being the 'other woman' is never easy. One who hasn't been in that place will never understand what trauma a woman goes through. Share this story to comfort those who have been accused of breaking marriages for no fault of their own.