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I Am Still His Wife, But I Don't Know When He Will Leave Me.

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I was in a relationship for eight long years and today I am sharing my story of how it started. We both came into a relationship due to some personal issues at first, but this turned out to be serious. In the beginning, I was not at all serious about it nor was he, but with time, things changed. We started getting closer to each other and then the time came where I started feeling for him and he confessed his love for me. Things were going smoothly but then we parted ways, and in this period, I made the biggest mistake of my life. I cheated on the guy I loved, and I tried to hide it from him, but life is unpredictable.

He got to know about it and since that day, he has started hating me and he is right because I deserved it.

But I still love him. We were still in contact and one fine day, he forgave me and fell for me again. And that was the best moment of my life! Everything was going well, we had our own ups and downs, but our love was strong through it all. I was on cloud 9, but again life changed for us, and we parted ways. He had to leave for a job to another country and I was happy for him because I knew that he would come back for me. The first year passed and it was all good between us. Then came the biggest tragedy of my life, he fell for someone else and he confessed to me about it. After 3 months of his relationship, I was broken completely.

But then we got married. Yes, got married to me due to family and because of my selfishly stubborn love.

In the beginning, things were quite good between us, but as you know life has its own plan of action, we started fighting and things started falling apart between us. Slowly things started getting steadier and were turning out to be good again.

But then again, I made a mistake which I shouldn't have, and I know I love my husband a lot, more than anything in this world.

I am still his wife, but I don't know when he will leave me. We are not staying together anymore, and we are not talking but there is one thing I am sure of, my love for him. I have loved him, and I will always love him. I hope he forgives me because I cannot live without him. He is my life and I am waiting for him.

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