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I Am Holding Her Hand Through Everything And This Is How She Is Repaying Me

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Hello, I'm a good looking 5'5" guy. I was 20 years old when I fell in love with a girl who is none other than my relative. She is 3 years older than me. She is beautiful and slim. She is my grandfather's step sister's daughter. I was deeply in love with her but due to the closeness of family I hesitated to confess my feelings for her. But she came to me and confessed her feeling for me.

I was very happy. We used to talk on phone for about 6 to 7 hrs a day. She used to do tailoring and I used to attend college but after just 4 months of relationship, we started having fights with each other. But being deeply in love, we used to forgive each other.

Whenever my phone went busy she used to argue and abuse me. She always doubted me if I am cheating on her. After 1.5 years of relationship, we had sex. She was a virgin and told me she was deeply in love with me and she didn't have any past relationships.

She gets angry even if I talk with my mom. If we went outside shopping, she would tie my hand with her dupatta and watch my eye every time to see if I am noticing any girl. I gifted my sister a silver bracelet, she got jealous and asked me to buy the same for her. I did that. I even bought her a small phone handset. She used to break that if I didn't get time to talk with her even in my examination.

I had rejected 7 arranged marriage proposals because of her and I got an offer from a reputed MNC. But she denied my working as she said there will be a lot of female colleagues. She made promises with me that she will marry me.

As she is my relative, she is hesitating to talk about this to her parents but I spoke about her with my parents. They denied, still I told her I am ready to hold your hand. She just wants me to elope with her and take her somewhere away from her parents. I told her just to talk about this with her parents first, but she said she can't do this.

I had lost many good marriage proposals and many job opportunities just to keep her happy. Now I am 25 years old and now I don't get job opportunities and she now abuses my parents, breaks things and leaves me when she wants and comes back to me asking for last chance but how much can I hold myself and how much can I bear?

So, I told her to leave me and she said I curse you. You will not remain happy in your entire life and your wife will cheat on you and you will get a prostitute wife. I used to cry everyday. Her sister in law and brothers are very good but she made a fake story that I am beating her and I used her for sexual favors and they just believed her without listening to me. After all they are her brothers.

But what was my mistake? I had so much hope for her. I still love her very much. We had physical relations very much. She used to come to my home and being a relative my parents never doubted us.

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