How Your Second Love Teaches You That Your First Was Not Love At All

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 13 July, 2017

People have always told me that first love is the most important. I have read stories about it, heard songs, read poetry. They portray it to be the best love, romanticizing it to make it seem better than it really is. When we are young, all of us want to meet someone, fall in love, and we presume that is how all fairy tales end.

You meet a boy, fall in love, the end. However, it is not as easy as that.

Of course first loves are important. They do teach you so many lessons about love. However, first loves teach you these lessons the hard way, because oftentimes, you do not end up with your first love.

Because first loves are also your first heartbreak.

They are important. Just not the most important. Your second love makes you believe in everything again. When your world comes crashing down, and you think you will never feel that way about someone else again, your second love rescues you.

Second loves give you hope. Second loves teach you that first love won't be the last.

I got close to Jack when I was 18. Though it sounds funny, but we met on Facebook. We confessed our love for each other without even meeting, and I will regret this mistake all my life. After few months of our relationship, we finally decided to meet. Before meeting him, I had to set my mind to not expect anything about his looks, because all I wanted was a man not a model.


But all he expected was a good-looking chick to be his girl. I will not say I’m not good looking, and I was far better than him, but his expectations differed from mine, and I wouldn’t blame him for that.

Messages and calls reduced as days passed. He started finding reasons to begin a fight. We ultimately broke up. Within a few months, he started dating another girl (and funnily, I look better than her.).

Like any other girl would do, I cornered myself, and kept crying for days. I met many guys who were interested in me but I was not able to overcome the pain which the first love had given me. That is when I met my man Kavin.

He was the one who pulled me out of my miseries. He loved me, but didn't confess his feelings for me because he didn't want me to think that he is just like the other guys, because he was not. But feelings cannot be hidden for long, and we confessed our love.

It has been two years now, and the graph is increasing. Of course we fight and mock each other, but it never effects the love that we share. I feel his love not in his words, but in his eyes. Now, I finally feel like a queen with her king by her side, and this is what lacked in my first relationship.

Looks will not last forever, but character will. Understand each other before falling in love, and one fine day, your second love will make you realise that your first love was not love at all.