How It Feels To Lose Your Best Friend To Her Lover

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 17 June, 2017

I met her during the second year of my engineering in Tamil Nadu. She was in my class. We both had some things in common, she was a typical North Indian girl from a Defence background and I did my education from Delhi but I am Malayali so Hindi was a common language for both of us and we both were outsiders.

Although I was 2 years older than her and initially she was a bit hesitant to talk to me, slowly we started to talk because we both didn't have many friends. Soon enough our friendship grew deeper, my classmates started thinking we loved each other but it was pure friendship for us. We spent the happiest moments together and somewhere we both felt that we were long lost friends.

The third year made a few lasting memories, which I hope she will remember one day.

The time that we both walked back from the top of the hill was for pure friendship. Even in our fights we used to patch up and I constantly made fun of her for being so skinny but it was all friendly teasing. I am a body builder on the other hand.

That day she smiled back in her typical friendly manner and supported me at the end of the third year when her boyfriend, one mallu friend of mine, and I had a verbal argument for no reason. She tried her best to patch us up but her boyfriend did not agree. Honestly, I was not responsible for this fight, it started because of him.

I apologised many times but I could not go beyond a point of my self respect. She was truly committed to him and she was confused in this scenario, she said it straight to my face that my character was not good. Nov 24 2015, the day our fight happened and our friendship ended, our simple happy friendship ended forever.

I was very angry with her and during my next semester, she came and said sorry to me.

I thought if I spoke with her, her boyfriend would come to fight me again and her relationship will get affected. So I sacrificed my friendship with her for her love. I did not accept her apology and shouted at her for the first time in my life. The air around me changed, I was not that pleasant with her and avoided her even thought I wanted to talk to her and I hoped the best for her always.

A year later, her boyfriend, whom she trusted and loved sincerely, dumped her for no reason. She fell into depression as her commitment made no difference to him. When I heard this, I was very shocked and I wanted to talk to her. But that boat has sailed.