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How I Lost My Friend By Falling In Love With Her: I Couldn't Help It

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I can’t believe I fell for you. I hope you’re reading this and know that I’m thinking of you.

You’ve changed me completely and I’m ashamed at myself for all that you did. You spoke to me, understood me but you just couldn’t help me. There were times when I thought you’d be there for me, but just like others around me, you left when I needed you the most.

The music we listened to, the food we shared, all of this played such an integral role in my life. All I regret is who I’ve become after you left.

But I can’t blame you for this, I’ve only myself to hold responsible for allowing you to change me.

You were my friend, and I was absolutely in love with you. You know you were the best thing that had happened to me but now, I’m nothing more than an obstacle in your way. 

I feel it’s best that we both go our separate ways, because it kills me every time you don’t answer my calls, but have the time to speak to everyone else. I don’t have the energy to talk about this anymore and I think you should know by now that I’ve lost the right words I need for you to understand me.

The times we spoke, late at night on the phone, you know that was my real self. It felt so good to have someone listen to me, trust me, be there for me.

You’re a wonderful girl. I hope that you don’t let anyone come in the way of you being the best that you can be. I want to thank you for giving me a part of your time. I have learnt a lot about people, and I think I now have understood where to draw the line.

I hope you read this letter someday and think about the friend that sat next to you and always cared for you.

All the best.

I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help falling in love with you.  

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