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How Fell In Love With The Same Soul Twice: She Was The Same Person, Just With A Different Smile

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I never believed that true love could happen twice. But, later I realized – Yes! Yes! It could happen twice, with the same soul but with different smiles.

I was leading a normal life and followed a routine life. But the moment I saw her, my heart started beating faster. She was new to the class as she was to me. She entered the class and with every step that she took towards the door, my heart stopped for a while. My eyes just stopped moving. They were fixed just on her cute face.

She was very sweet by nature. I loved that.

I wanted to be at least a friend of hers. But I didn’t know how to start the conversation. Finally one day I found an excuse. I just went to her and asked for her notes, her Mathematics notes. I read her name on her notebook while taking it but still I asked her, “What is your name?” Because I wanted to hear her sweet voice and gaze into her beautiful eyes. Then she asked me for my name.

I said, “You can call me Vastav though my name is Shubham. The rest of my friends call me Vastav as it a part of my surname Shrivastava too.” Her name was as sweet as she was. It was Shubhangi. Gradually we turned into good friends. This excuse of exchanging notes was the best way of keeping in touch with her. I took all the opportunities to talk to her.

And whenever I talked to her, I found myself at peace. I felt relaxed. My heart would feel at home. That was the kind of peace of mind I got whenever I felt low, depressed or tired. I would just go to her and have a word with her. Her magical voice, her glittering eyes and her sweet talk would make all my worries vanish. I felt relieved, relaxed, cool and calm. I never loved her. I loved her being. I loved being in her company.

I loved the way she spoke, the way she turned her lips while she spoke and the way she made those cute facial expressions. I loved everything, everything she did or everything she possessed. I wanted to be in her company forever. I was definitely her biggest fan. She was my princess, the nightingale of my dreams. She was my dream girl.

One very fine day, we planned to go on a long drive. We had just finished our 9th standard exams. We went out for recreation and to enjoy ourselves. We decided to go on a long drive. She and I both loved long drives. We would talk endlessly throughout the night, throughout the day and talk every time. We had so many things in common. Our likes and dislikes matched a lot. Even the music we liked was the same. We had the same taste for food too.

She wanted to do great things in her life. She had planned everything. She had a great mind, a great vision and her sweet plans. But destiny had planned something else altogether for only the both of us. We thought of spending our entire life together. But our plans could never happen in reality. Destiny ruined all her plans and our plans. That was the day I realized that yes, yes it takes a lot to make things happen. Within a few minutes, all our dreams were shattered.

We met with an accident. She lost her life. I was alive but deader than her! I just wished she was alive. My world would have been more complete, content and better if she was always there with me.

Life and time waits for none. It keeps moving, no matter what. Soon I shifted for college. I thought it will be all good for me once I moved to a new place, met new people and created new memories. But nothing changed.

Her memories, her face kept haunting me. I tried to run away. But the more I tried, the more attached I was getting to her.

Soon I found a girl who looked very much like her, like my Shubhangi. She was studying in my college and was also in the first year of B.Tech like me. I never intended to be even her friend. But it just happened. Somehow we met and became good friends.

It did not happen all of a sudden too. I just added her on Facebook and we became friends. We had not started talking all of a sudden too. It was my birthday and on that day she wished me ‘Happy Birthday!’ It was almost a year after I added her on Facebook.

Soon after that we started talking. As the days passed, we became close. With her presence in my life I never felt alone. She filled my world with everything. She brought happiness with her and I loved that. We loved each other’s company. After a few days, we started spending time together in college.

I noticed she used exactly the same lines, words and phrases that my Shubhangi, the love of my life, my nightingale did. I was shocked and amazed when I saw that she reacted exactly the way Shubhangi used to react. I was sometimes taken aback. But I loved that. Because of this I became more curious about her. I kept growing closer to her.

She just changed my life. She gave me another reason to fight more, to love more and to live more. She won my heart. She brought so many positive changes in my life. She was a game turner. Until then, I had lived with a sad heart, a heart full of sad memories and emotions. I felt lonely before but now she just filled my entire life with happiness. I loved being with her. And I realized that yes; yes love can happen twice with the same soul but different smiles.

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